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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1153 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1153 Start

Seeing that Junior Brother was defeated in an instant, Linyuan was struck by lightning!

Although his strength is better than that of the Eighth Junior Brother, his fist is much worse than the Eighth Junior Brother’s iron fist.

After all, the Eighth Junior Brother himself, for decades, all his thoughts have been concentrated on his pair of iron fists, and he has never encountered an opponent in the world.

But who would have thought that a young man in his 20s would smash his fist and his arm with one punch

How powerful is this, even great force!

Linyuan was terrified!

It seems that Charlie is really not an ordinary person!

But today, eight of his senior brothers are indispensable for a fierce battle!

Issac and others were also surprised!

The three of them never dreamed that Charlie’s strength would be so great!

The other party is also a man with a face, and even if Charlie fights him for more than a dozen rounds and then defeats him, it can be regarded as the past.

But Charlie was so unreasonable, and he smashed the iron fist with a single move!

This meaning is very obvious, he’s an iron fist, then he will hit the iron fist!

When Iron Fist was smashed to the ground, the whole person was even more shocked.

He didn’t expect that the place where he was most confident and powerful would be fragile in front of others.

Seeing that his right arm had been rotten to flesh, he knew in his heart that his skill had been lost in half.

After decades of hard work, he was beaten by a 50% discount. Iron Fist felt extremely painful. He crawled to Linyuan with one arm, crying and said, “Big brother, you must avenge me!”

Linyuan darkened his face and nodded gloomily.

“Senior Brother Eighth don’t worry, your brothers will definitely avenge you!”

After all, he said to the other six people: “Junior brothers, this kid is really good! In that case, I don’t have to talk to him about morals and justice, everyone!”

When Charlie heard this, he laughed: “What he said just now is that the Eight Heavenly Kings are definitely not a mere name. There are dozens of them in the world, not more than that, but he didn’t expect it to be just a nonsense! he knew this, with 8 It’s better to go with an old dog, and it will make Grandpa and him have a good time!”

Linyuan felt that his face was very hot, and said angrily: “You, don’t you play with me any kind of stimulating method here? You can hurt my eighth junior brother, and absolutely can’t hurt my seven brothers. Today, Linyuan asked you for your dog life in Changbai Mountain!”

After that, he said coldly: “But you can rest assured, I will only leave your body in Changbai Mountain, and your head, I will take your head and return to the Old Master of the Wu family! If the Old Master of the Wu family pity you, maybe Give your head to your wife!”

Charlie heard this and said coldly: “Linyuan, right? Don’t worry, today your eight senior brothers will sleep here! But I won’t take your head away, because you are an old rag. It’s not worth it for me to take your head!”

“What a big tone!” Linyuan yelled angrily: “We eight brothers have never failed since the day we played as a teacher. There are countless injustices in our hands. I don’t care if we have one more!”

Charlie smiled and said lightly: “Today, I want to avenge your many unjust souls!”

Linyuan gritted his teeth and shouted coldly: “Junior brothers, kill this kid with me. We will use his head to sacrifice the right arm of the eighth brother!”

As soon as the voice fell, the other six people swarmed with him!

Charlie stood on the spot, with his left hand behind him and his right hand in front of him. At this moment, all the spiritual energy in his body was condensed in his right hand without any trace.

At this time, he was faintly excited deep in his heart, and the blood in his body had begun to boil.

Since getting the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, Charlie has never encountered a truly powerful top master.