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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1152 Free Novel

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After all, his feet rushed toward Charlie like a wind!

The fist that was bigger than the mouth of the bowl was already in front of you at this time!

He has been practicing boxing for dozens of years, and his whole life of martial arts and hard work has been condensed on a pair of fists. Only this punch is a stone monument more than ten centimeters thick. It can also be broken with one punch, which can be resisted!

But Charlie had already seen through his cultivation at a glance.

Just a brash man with a harder fist!

Compared with him and the worm that shakes the tree, it is no different!

So he did not dodge or dodge, just standing in front of Iron Fist, with a chilling smile on his face.

Tekken Iron Fist couldn’t believe that this kid should be so despised, he had rushed in front of him, ready to blow his dog’s head with a punch, but he was not afraid at all!

This is looking down on himself!

In that case, let you taste the price of despising your Grandpa Li!

Afterwards, he rushed to Charlie, and his iron fist rushed straight to Charlie’s head and smashed it!

With a smile on his face, Linyuan said indifferently: “The Eighth Junior Brother is really lucky this time, and he did so for nothing! I believe Mr. Orvel will definitely reward him!”

The other juniors all showed envy.

In their opinion, the Eighth Junior Brother can have such a chance, entirely because the senior brother has perfected, this kid with the Wade is so stupid, he can be killed with one blow instead of being himself!

Issac, Mr. Orvel and Liang, who were hiding in the dark, all squeezed a cold sweat for Charlie.

They didn’t understand, why didn’t Charlie hide?

But only Charlie knew that there was absolutely no need to hide from Iron Fist’s cat.

At this point, Iron Fist’s fist wind has blown his face!

Immediately afterwards, the fist was already in sight!

At the moment when Iron Fist thought Charlie was going to die, Charlie suddenly pulled out a hand from his back, a fist that seemed weak, but lightly faced him.

In the next moment, Iron Fist felt his fist was hit by a hard armor-piercing shell!

Only a sharp pain was felt, followed by the sound of broken bones!

Charlie’s fluttering punch, not only directly unloaded all the strength of Iron Fist’s fist, it was extremely powerful, and it also shattered the opponent’s right fist, right hand, and right arm!

Iron Fist instantly let out a tragic cry, and the whole person flew upside down, and fell into the snow with a thump!

His seven seniors were looking at him dumbfounded at this time, and saw that his entire right arm was already bloody and hanging, like a mass of rotten meat that had been blown up by 10,000 tons of boulders.

He is the Iron Fist!

His fist can’t be smashed even if it is a hard rock! Anyone’s body is as vulnerable as tofu under his fist.

But, why in front of Charlie’s fist, his iron fist turned into tofu?

It was smashed by Charlie’s punch!

Who is the iron fist of these two people? !