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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1150 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1150 Start

Liang also sucked his nose from the cold. When the four of them first arrived here, Charlie was worried about exposing the target, so he let the helicopter go first. Otherwise, he could sit in the helicopter for a while, at least to block the cold of Changbai Mountain wind.

After waiting for another ten minutes, Charlie suddenly saw four beams of light from two cars on the winding mountain road.

Issac also saw the light and said nervously, “Mr. Wade they should be here!”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “After waiting for them for so long, I almost fell asleep.”

Orvel hurriedly took out a pistol from his waist, gritted his teeth and said, “d*mn, I want to see how awesome these eight heavenly kings are today!”

Charlie said lightly: “Mr. Orvel, put the gun away, the gun is useless to them.”

Mr. Orvel was taken aback, but after a while he figured it out again.

He had seen some skills in the metaphysical world before, including Charlie, who was able to directly order Tianlei. If a warrior with a deep cultivation base can block bullets, it is not surprising.

Issac asked at this time: “Mr. Wade what will we do later? If there is anything we can help, please let us know.”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “You don’t need to help anything, just follow behind me and watch.”

Orvel said hurriedly: “Mr. Wade you can just draw a few sky thunders and cut these eight heavenly kings directly into ashes, just like that fake Feng Shui master in Aurous Hill.”

Charlie smiled and said: “I’m tired of always using thunder to strike people. Since today is an encounter with martial artists, let’s just use force to discuss it.

Issac had never seen the scene where Charlie struck Aurous Hill with thunder, but he had heard of it and heard a little.

But he has always felt that it should be a coincidence, because he has never seen anyone who can order Tianlei in his memory.

Although the Wade family knew a lot of people in metaphysics, they had never heard of anyone who had the ability to reach the sky.

At this moment, seeing the two cars continuously hovering up the winding mountain road and getting closer and closer, Charlie took the initiative to walk to the center of the mountain road and walked down the mountain.

The remaining three looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

Linyuan was already drowsy while sitting in the car, but the brother who was driving took a look at the navigation and said to him, “Brother, we are almost there.”

Linyuan hurriedly asked, “How far is it?”

The other party said: “The navigation display is less than 5 kilometers away.”

Linyuan stretched out and said cursingly: “It’s finally here. Let everyone cheer up. No matter how weak the enemy is, we can’t take it lightly.”

One of his juniors immediately took out the walkie-talkie and said: “Everyone cheer up, we are almost there!”

The person in the car behind replied via the walkie-talkie: “Yes, we have already started warming up.”

The vehicle continued to drive, and at the moment when it turned a curve, the driver suddenly saw the light hitting directly ahead, and there was a person standing in the middle of the road!

The driver beside Linyuan exclaimed: “f*ck, is that a human or a ghost?!”