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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1148 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1148 Start

Mr. Orvel had been to Changbai Mountain once before, so he was somewhat familiar with the terrain here. He pointed to a snow-covered mountain road next to the plane and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade this is the only road into the mountain. If the Eight Heavenly Kings at home don’t take a helicopter, they have only one way to come.”

Charlie nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then we’ll stay here and wait.

Mr. Orvel hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade do you want to call all of our men here to help?”

Charlie faintly spit out two words: “No need.”

Issac was somewhat worried about the safety of the young master, and couldn’t help but said: “I also understand the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family. They are indeed strong. You may not be their opponent. To be cautious, let’s call some people over to help! “

Charlie waved his hand and said coldly: “To deal with today’s matter, only the four of us are present, and only the four of us know about it. If anyone other than us knows, they will be punishable!”

The other three people looked horrified.

They could hear the powerful pressure and the strong domineering from Charlie’s words.

It seems that Charlie wants to keep all the eight heavenly kings here today!

The Eight Heavenly Kings at this time just landed at Changbai Mountain Airport.

After the plane landed, the eight people walked out of the plane and then left the airport directly through the normal passenger passage.

They were not like Charlie. Charlie didn’t go through the passenger passage at all, but took a helicopter off the runway.

The main reason why they did not receive such treatment was that the Wu family had no influence here at all.

The Wu family is a Aurous Hill family. Although it is the so-called first family in Aurous Hill, it is far behind the real top family.

Their strength is mainly covered in the Aurous Hill area, and they have begun to decline after crossing the north of the Yangtze River.

And the strength gets weaker as it goes to the north, not to mention the Changbai Mountain which is so close to the north.

However, although top families like the Wade family are Eastcliff’s family, their national development strategy, just like the United States’ global development strategy, must be two words: comprehensive dominance.

The United States is the global hegemony, and the Wade family is the national hegemony.

For Wade Family, it has the home field anywhere in the country.

If Wade’s family thought, they could kill the Wu family anytime in Suzhou, in the Wu family base camp.

This is the embodiment of the strength of a top family!

At this time, the Eight Heavenly Kings headed by Linyuan, after leaving the airport, saw two off-road vehicles parked at the airport gate.

These two off-road vehicles were the drivers temporarily arranged by the Wu family.

The Wu family has no influence here. The 16 people sent yesterday rented 5 off-road vehicles here before they went to rescue the Wei family and his son.

This time, the Wu family rented two off-road vehicles at a high price online and let the Eight Heavenly Kings drive there in person.

After the Eight Heavenly Kings got off the plane, they took two off-road vehicles and headed towards the mountains.

On the road, Linyuan, the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, was sitting in the co-driver. He picked up the walkie-talkie and said coldly: “Brothers, we have to drive more than two hours. Anyone who dares to stand in front of us will be killed without mercy!”