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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1147 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1147 Start

The Wade Family’s business jet drew up in the dark, galloping in the direction of Changbai Mountain at a very fast speed!

The speed of this airplane is indeed much faster than that of ordinary airplanes. Even Charlie couldn’t sigh. No wonder Wade Family can stand on top of China’s top family. You can tell from the details of the airplane alone.

In important cities across the country, arrange such airplanes to ensure that the family can arrive one step ahead of others in case of emergency. As long as they seize the opportunity first, they have the possibility of winning.

Issac told Charlie: “The young master actually still has a faster plane in the Wade family, but there is one and only one of this plane, which was stored by Master Wade at Eastcliff Airport.”

“Oh?” Charlie asked curiously, “Is there a faster plane?”

“Yes!” Issac nodded and said, “I don’t know if you have heard of the Concorde? Years ago, the French developed a supersonic passenger plane that can fly at twice the speed of sound and cruise at an hourly speed. 2150 kilometers.”

Charlie said in surprise: “I have heard of Concord Technology, but isn’t this aircraft already retired?”

Issac said: “Retirement is just withdrawing from the public’s vision. That’s because this aircraft is flying too fast, the flying cost is too high, and the noise of breaking through the sound barrier during flight is too loud, and ordinary people can’t afford it. However, after retiring, four of the best in condition were bought by the world’s top big families. After they were bought, these aircraft have always received the best maintenance.”

Charlie couldn’t help but marvel.

Unexpectedly, his grandfather still has such a big hand, and bought a Concorde airliner.

But this also shows the extraordinary courage of the older generation of entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the fact that a Concorde airliner may be extremely expensive, but with it, the father can be two or three times faster than others at the most critical moment.

An ordinary business jet can fly at a maximum speed of eight or nine hundred kilometers per hour, but the Concorde can reach 2.5 times that!

If there is a $1 billion order, waiting to be signed in the United States, and whoever can get the order soonest, then the Wade family must be the only one to get the order.

Someone else’s plane takes eleven or twelve hours to fly, while this plane only takes about five hours. In other words, he has already signed the contract before others arrive.

Two hours later, Charlie’s plane had landed at Changbaishan Airport.

At this time, on the side of the runway, a helicopter was already waiting here.

After Charlie got off the plane, he asked Issac, “Help me ask the airport staff if Wu’s private plane has landed here.”

Issac hurriedly made a call with his mobile phone. After a while, he admired Charlie and said, “Mr. Wade you are so knowledgeable. The airport tower has just received an application for an exclusive private jet. They will land in an hour, here.”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction: “One hour’s time advantage is enough. Let’s go to the foot of Changbai Mountain to see the scenery!”

Then he stepped into the helicopter that had been waiting for a long time.

Issac, Mr. Orvel and Liang also boarded the plane.

The helicopter immediately climbed and flew towards the foot of Changbai Mountain.

The time at this moment was more than four o’clock in the morning, and because it was winter, there was no trace of the sky to light up at this time.

However, a round of beautiful moon in the sky still clearly outlines the outline of the earth.

The helicopter flew out of the airport and passed over the city. Right in front of it was the majestic Changbai Mountain.

The outline of Changbai Mountain under the moonlight is particularly clear. Because the whole mountain range is white, it looks very beautiful under the moonlight.

Forty minutes later, the helicopter landed one kilometer outside the village.