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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1146 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1146 Start

At this time, at Aurous Hill Airport, Wade’s private plane deployed in Aurous Hill was ready to take off at the end of the runway.

As long as Charlie got on the plane, the plane could take off immediately.

And this plane can send Charlie to Changbai Mountain in two hours.

In contrast, the private jet of the Wu family takes at least three hours.

Moreover, the Wu family does not have the Wade family’s ability to simultaneously mobilize resources across the country or in the world.

As the Eight Great Heavenly Kings arrive at Changbai Mountain, there will be no helicopter waiting for them. At best, Wu’s family will prepare off-road vehicles to take them to the foot of the mountain.

According to Mr. Orvel, from Changbai Mountain Airport to the small village where the Wei family lives, off-road vehicles need to drive at least two hours without snow.

If it snows and the road conditions are not good, it will take more than three hours to arrive.

But the helicopter is much faster, flying straight, forty minutes.

So Charlie still has time, and he can definitely arrive before the Eight Heavenly Kings.

The helicopter stopped directly at the end of the airport runway, next to Wade’s business jet.

As soon as Charlie got off the helicopter, the door of the business jet opened.

What he didn’t expect was that it was Issac who opened the door!

Charlie looked at him in surprise and asked, “Why are you here?”

Issac hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade I really don’t worry about you going alone. I’m afraid you don’t want me to follow, so I can only do this. Please don’t blame it.”

Charlie nodded gently: “You are already here, and I can’t drive you down. Let’s go and let the plane take off as soon as possible.”

Mr. Orvel knew that Charlie was Issac’s young master for a long time, so he was not surprised about it. However, he knew very little about the Wade Family, so every time he met Charlie, he respected Charlie as Mr. Charlie instead of Mr. Wade.

Of course, this is also related to Charlie’s unwillingness to reveal his identity. If you call him Mr. Wade, some people may be able to connect him with the Wade family.

However, Liang on the side was stunned by this young master.

Issac is a smart man. He knew that the young master brought Liang with him, and he knew that Liang was already his confidant.

Moreover, since the young master is going to take him to Changbai Mountain, he must be ready to show his skills in front of him, so there is no need to deliberately conceal his identity.

Liang was shocked at this time, he knew who Issac was, so with Issac’s young master, he immediately guessed the identity of Charlie.

At this moment, he was shocked.

He never dreamed of Mr. Wade, not only a master with the ability to reach the sky, but also the eldest master of the Wade family, the top family of Eastcliff!

The superior strength is already admirable, and he didn’t expect the family background to be even more prominent!

No wonder everyone says Mr. Wade is a real dragon on earth!

With such ability and background, of course it can be called the four characters of the real dragon on earth!

Thinking of this, he immediately knelt on one knee and said respectfully to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, you are the very noble young master of the Wade family, but you are willing to fight the injustice for me, for my dead mother, and win the family property for me. I am unforgettable!”

Charlie said calmly: “Liang, if you are grateful and want to follow me with all your heart, I will definitely give you a splendid wealth!”

After all, he looked at Mr. Orvel and smiled and said, “Mr. Orvel, you are the same.”

Orvel immediately knelt to the ground and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade as early as the moment you rescued me from Wu’s bodyguard, my life is yours!”