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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1145 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1145 Start

At this moment, there are two solutions in front of Charlie.

First, he immediately went to Stephen and asked Stephen to send masters from the Wade’s family to Changbai Mountain to intercept them. There are many masters from the Wade family, so dealing with the eight heavenly kings shouldn’t be a problem;

Second, he immediately set off to Changbai Mountain, personally snipe the eight heavenly kings at the foot of Changbai Mountain.

After thinking for a few seconds, Charlie decided that he should solve his own problems and go to Changbai Mountain personally to get the Eight Heavenly Kings settled.

Charlie has been getting the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures” for some days, and his constant enlightenment has enabled him to continuously improve.

At the same time, his body has been tempered with spiritual energy, which is even more different from ordinary people at this time.

Not to mention that he has refined so many Rejuvenation Pills himself, relying on the Rejuvenation Pills to raise his body to a higher level.

As far as Charlie’s current strength is concerned, let alone the Eight Heavenly Kings, even if it doubles, it will not be Charlie’s opponent.

However, he must go to Changbai Mountain as soon as possible.

Because the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family may have already set off.

Regnar is several hundred kilometers further south from Aurous Hill, so this gave Charlie some time window.

If he is not efficient, it is possible that the Eight Heavenly Kings will arrive at Changbai Mountain first.

So he immediately called Issac and blurted out and asked, “Can you arrange a plane for me? I want to set off to Changbai Mountain immediately.”

Issac hurriedly said: “No problem, master, Aurous Hill Airport has our business jet, and it is the world’s fastest civil business jet specially customized by the Wade family, which is much faster than ordinary jets.”

After speaking, Issac said: “The Wade family has always believed in that timing is greater than anything else, so the Wade family’s plane is faster than all the family’s private jets!”

“Very good!” Charlie said with satisfaction: “You can let the plane wait at the airport to get ready for take-off. At the same time, let your Shangri-La helicopter pick me up at Tomson. I will rush to the airport immediately.”

“no problem!”

As Issac said, he hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade do you need help when going to Changbai Mountain? If you need it, I will call the family.”

Charlie said indifferently: “I don’t need a helper anymore. You can do me a favor and prepare a helicopter to wait for me at Changbai Mountain Airport. After getting off the plane, I will use the fastest time to reach a village at the foot of Mountain.”

“No problem!” Issac said immediately: “I will make arrangements. If there is no helicopter in Changbai Mountain, I will immediately transfer from another place. You will definitely solve this problem before you arrive at Changbai Mountain, Master.”

“it is good!”

Charlie hung up the phone with satisfaction, and Mr. Orvel immediately said, “Mr. Wade, I am willing to go with you!”

Liang on the side also folded his hands and said, “Mr. Wade, Liang is also willing to walk with you.

Charlie thought for a while, and said to the two of them: “Since you want to go, then follow me.”

Both of them were stubborn and loyal to Charlie. At this time, they were unwilling to let Charlie go to Changbai Mountain alone.

Charlie also knew very well that if the two of them wanted to be more devoted to him, they have to see his true strength.

Especially for Liang, Charlie must make sure that this person has no two minds about him, so he can safely give him the peerless prescriptions in the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”.

So this time to go to Changbai Mountain, he might as well let him follow the experience to see the true strength of his masters!

Soon, Issac’s helicopter flew to Tomson.

Charlie and the three got on the helicopter and immediately went to Aurous Hill Airport.