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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1144 Free Novel

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In fact, there are countless kinds of magical ancient medical prescriptions recorded in the “Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures”. There are dozens of stomach medicines alone. Just picking one out can help Liang completely crush Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

However, the pharmaceutical industry is a very profitable industry, so he certainly cannot help Liang in vain.

So he said to Liang: “Liang, I have a few good recipes in my hand. They can be produced and they are definitely best-selling magical medicines. If I use the recipes to buy shares, how many shares would you give me?”

Liang almost said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, what Liang can have today. It depends on your achievements. The entire Wei Pharmaceutical is yours. You will give me a word I will accept it immediately!”

Liang was also very clear in his mind.

Without Charlie, he could not inherit Wei’s Pharmaceuticals.

Without Charlie, if the Wei family father and son came back, he would not be able to hold Wei’s Pharmaceutical.

Therefore, he was willing to completely adhere to Charlie, even if he gave up Wei’s Pharmaceutical, he would never give the Wei family father and son a chance to stand up.

Charlie nodded and said, “Well, if the prescription I gave you is more effective than Kobayashi’s stomach powder, then you give me 80% of the shares of Wei’s Pharmaceutical, and I will continue to improve it in the future. The prescription is for you to ensure that Wei’s Pharmaceuticals can grow into a company of hundreds of billions in the future. By that time, your personal assets will exceed 20 billion.”

The current assets of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals are about two to three billion, but they still have certain debts, coupled with the recent poor management, and the overall decline.

If Charlie can really enable Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to grow into a large group of hundreds of billions in the future, even if Liang is given only 10%, he can double his assets.

So for him, he has no reason to refuse.

And he had heard about it a long time ago that Mr. Wade’s one-handed magic pill, if the prescription he took out, it would surely be able to sell!

Therefore, Liang agreed without hesitation, and said excitedly: “Thank you Mr. Wade! Liang has nothing to say!”

Charlie is not trying to take advantage of Liang, but the top prescription is really priceless!

For example, the male magic drug v!agra, its parent company, made hundreds of billions in profits because of this drug.

Therefore, if you give it to him in vain, it is simply a mentally disabled person.

Win-win cooperation is the best solution.

So Charlie said to Liang: “In this case, you should go back first. Tomorrow I will ask the lawyer to sign a contract with you, and I will give you the prescription at that time.”

Orvel hurriedly asked, “Mr. Wade, what should I do about the Wu family?”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “I have my own decision, so don’t worry!”