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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1142 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1142 Start

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “If everything is solved by murder, then the Wu family would be dead long ago. Some people deserve to die and must be killed as soon as possible, such as the gang of beggars; but some people don’t. It’s boring.”

After Charlie finished speaking, he smiled, and then said, “Think about Ichiro in your kennel. Actually, he could have been killed long ago, but why I keep him? It’s because I think this person must live, and there are more possibilities when he’s alive. If he dies, many things will lose a lot of fun. The same goes for the Wu family and the same for the Wei family.”

In Charlie’s heart, everything in the world complements each other, reinforces each other and restrains each other.

He kept Kobayashi’s life so that he can live with his brother Jiro.

The purpose of keeping the lives of the Wei family father and son is to let them and Wei appear to live together.

If Ichiro is really dead, if he wants to check and balance Jiro, or even Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he will lose a best bargaining chip.

If Liang’s heart becomes rebellious in the future, then he can use the Wei family father and son to counter him.

This is the ancient art of the emperor.

The real emperor would never truly believe in a treacherous official, but he would never completely favor a loyal official.

However, it is bad to not have treacherous ministers because they are the key to counterbalance loyal ministers.

If he is a loyal minister without the checks and balances of a traitorous minister, then he will become increasingly arrogant and ignorant, and will gradually become a traitorous minister.

That’s why Charlie needed to check and balance between different people and different people.

After all, the Wade Family is a top-notch big family. The children of the Wade Family have learned the Four Books and Five Classics from a young age, familiarize themselves with ancient history, and study the techniques of emperors. These methods are almost brought out of their bones.

Therefore, Charlie shook his voice and said: “Killing Youngzheng and his son means that I am afraid of the Wu family. This is a sign of weakness, and I never show weakness.”

Having said that, he said lightly: “If I’m right, the Wu family has probably dispatched the Eight Heavenly Kings, and maybe they are already on their way to Changbai Mountain.”

“Ah?!” Mr. Orvel and Liang were both dumbfounded.

Liang said in surprise: “They shouldn’t be so fast. After all, they just lost 15 people. They should have to go back and rest for a while before making a comeback.”

“No!” Charlie said confidently: “If Regnar could mobilize martial artists, then he should have dispatched martial artists long ago. Therefore, I guess that the man who can really send martial artists should be the Old Master of the Wu family!”

“The old generation of entrepreneurs are still very powerful. Mr. Wu started from scratch, and his ability, courage, and valor must be much better than ordinary people. If he is in charge of everything behind his back, the means must be much higher than that of Regnar! He will definitely be among others. When you think it’s least possible to launch an attack, he will launch a fatal blow.”

After that, he smiled indifferently: “And when the most unlikely attack is just after the failure, everyone thinks he would definitely retreat to rest, but he wants to hit the opponent by surprise.”

Mr. Orvel exclaimed and said, “Mr. Wade, what shall we do now? Shall we send someone over overnight?”

Charlie waved his hand and said calmly: “If the opponent dispatches a martial artist, it’s not enough to see how many we can send, it’ll all be fodder.”

Mr. Orvel was shocked: “Mr. Wade, what should we do?”

Charlie said lightly: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, I have my own arrangements, after all, flying from Suzhou all the way to Changbai Mountain, the distance is still quite far, there is still enough time to prepare!”

Hearing Charlie’s words, Liang’s eyes flashed with joy, and a heavy rock in his heart fell to the ground.

Therefore, he said gratefully: “It seems that Mr. Wade is already confident! Liang is here, thank you Mr. Wade!”

Liang is the one who fears the Wei family father and son the most.

He didn’t want the Wei’s pharmaceuticals that he had finally gotten, and in a blink of an eye to drop it off his hands!