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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1141 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1141 Start

At this moment.

Tomson Villa!

It was late at night, Charlie and his wife were sleeping soundly in their bed.

At this time, Charlie’s cell phone suddenly buzzed twice.

Worried that the phone would disturb his wife’s sleep, he quickly picked up the phone, and then found that he had received two WeChat messages.

At this time, it was 12 o’clock in the night. He didn’t know who would send WeChat to him at this time, but he guessed that there must be something important at this time.

So he immediately unlocked the phone and found that the WeChat was sent by Mr. Orvel.

“Mr. Wade, something happened in Changbai Mountain. Liang and I are at your doorstep. I wonder if you have time to come out to see us?”

Charlie frowned.

There was an accident in Changbai Mountain, which proved that the Wu family had another idea of ​​taking away Wei family father and son.

So he got up lightly and went downstairs to the door of the villa.

Mr. Orvel and Liang were standing at the door and waiting respectfully.

Seeing how nervous their expressions were, Charlie asked, “What happened?”

Mr. Orvel said, “More than half an hour ago, the Wu family sent people to Changbai Mountain. This time there were a lot of them, around 16 people.”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Then, just talk about the result.”

Mr. Orvel respectfully said: “They intended to take the Wei family father and son. The two sides had a gunfight. Liang’s and my men killed 15 of them, and one of them escaped.”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Are your people lost?”

Liang said, “Mr. Wade, I lost three of my people, and the Mr. Orvel lost one. That’s four people in total.”

Charlie said with a hum, “It’s okay, it’s a victory overall.”

Mr. Orvel nodded and said: “I think the Wu family will not let go of the two failures. They may soon have a full hands on Changbai Mountain. Liang and I have already begun to raise people. Recently, we have rush more to Changbai Mountain. But I am worried. This time the Wu family will send their queen master.”

Charlie frowned, “Queen master?”

“Yes!” Mr. Orvel said: “It is rumored that there are eight heavenly kings under the Wu family. These eight heavenly kings are all warriors, and they are extremely powerful!”

Having said that, Mr. Orvel said again: “Mr. Wade, our people can deal with ordinary people. But if we deal with masters of martial arts, it may be a man’s arm blocking the car. A dozen subordinates do not matter, but I am afraid that we won’t be able to resist it. What happens, in case they rescued the Wei family, I could not shirk the blame!”

Charlie knows that big families have super masters in captivity.

In his own impression, the Wade family had many masters when they were young.

The strength of these masters is far beyond the cognition of ordinary people.

For the super family with trillions of assets, only the real top master can protect the safety.

So Charlie asked him, “Mr. Orvel, what do you think?”

Mr. Orvel hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade, please forgive me. I have always felt that there is no need for Youngzheng and his son to continue to live in the world. Your enemies are now using them as bargaining chips and are trying their best to fight for it. Instead of doing this, it is better to use this for Killing the father and they will never cause trouble!”