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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1140 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1140 Start

“Okay.” Mr. Wu nodded and said: “Then I will let the Eight Heavenly Kings go to Changbai Mountain overnight to get the private jet ready.”

Regnar asked in surprise, “Dad, no need to be so worried?”

Elder Wu said earnestly: “You just killed 15 lives this evening, and they will definitely think that they will not come back for a while, so we will send the Eight Heavenly Kings over tonight, and strive for the Eighth Congress tomorrow morning. The King of Heaven can appear in front of them, and in this way, they can be caught off guard!”

Regnar nodded with a face of being taught.

He felt ashamed at this moment in his heart, because his ability at this point was really too far behind the Old Master.

The Old Master is the one who can really make plans and win the battle thousands of miles away.

After that, Regnar immediately called and arranged for a private plane to take off. It took off directly from Regnar and flew all the way to Changbai Mountain in an hour.

Elder Wu also called one of the eight heavenly kings to his sickbed.

This person is more than 60 years old this year, but because he has been practicing ancient martial arts all the year round, it seems that he is just about 40 years old.

Elder Wu met him when he was young, and the other side assisted him for many years. Elder Wu also regarded him as a guest, respectful.

It can be said that the two are both masters and servants, friends, and brothers. They both value and respect each other very much.

After Grandpa Wu gave his instructions, the other party slammed his fist slightly and said coldly: “Master please rest assured, I will take people there this time, I will definitely bring the two people back to Suzhou, and also leave the other person at the foot of Changbai Mountain, kill one without leaving!”

“Okay!” Elder Wu felt that he had finally recovered a bit of vitality, and said with a light smile: “Then I will wait for you here to pick up the dust!”

Having said that, Mr. Wu sternly commanded Regnar: “Regnar, you immediately go to Shaoxing and buy their local daughter red with the longest age and best quality, and no matter how much you have to buy, and come back to receive the dust!”

Linyuan, the head of the Eight Heavenly Kings, clasped his fists and said, “I am very grateful for the Old Master who remembers my favorite things for so many years.”

Elder Wu hurriedly said: “Master Don’t be polite with me, you are the guardian of Wu family, and a heavy weapon in the hands of the Wu family. I will definitely not violate the promise of the year and respect you as gentlemen throughout your life!”

Soon, the plane arranged by Regnar was ready to take off at Suzhou Airport.

Linyuan took the others of the Eight Heavenly Kings to Suzhou Airport in a Toyota Coaster.

The others are Linyuan’s younger brothers. The eight of them went down the mountain and met Regnar’s father. Regnar’s father gave them an excellent life and generous rewards, and they also willingly followed Regnar’s father’s Around.

At this time, the eight heavenly kings are all wearing blue shirts and stepping on hand-sewn mullet-sole cloth shoes, looking like they are going to a warm place for vacation.

But in fact, they are going to Changbai Mountain, which is dozens of degrees below zero.

But these eight people have deep internal skills and extraordinary strength. The cold has long lost all threats to them, so even if they wear so little, there is no problem in going to Changbai Mountain.

On the way, Linyuan kept closed his eyes and rested his mind. When he was about to arrive at the airport, he opened his eyes and said to the juniors around him: “Go to Changbai Mountain first. I can only wait for success and not failure. Not only must I live and rescue the Wei family,” Even more, all opponents will be killed, and we will get on the plane later. Everyone is lucky to prepare for the battle. This time, I can’t wait to kill in Changbai Mountain!”