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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 114 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 114 Start

Hearing that Doris had something to do with her, Elsa went to her office immediately.

At this time, Charlie quickly went downstairs.

As soon as he went downstairs, he saw Claire walking out with a tired expression.

Claire was obviously exhausted from the cooperation, and said helplessly: “There are so many things now, I can’t be too busy.”

Charlie asked distressedly, “Should I divide the work? Or you just don’t do it.”

“That won’t work.” Claire said: “It hasn’t been long since I became the director, and my foundation is not stable. I must work hard, otherwise, my cousin will definitely get in.”

Thinking of Harold, Claire couldn’t help but feel annoyed. This person is particularly annoying, always opposing her, and always likes to do things that hurt others and put them at disadvantage.

On the way back, Claire closed her eyes in the car, and Charlie focused on driving without disturbing her.

At this moment, in Doris’s office.

Doris informed Elsa of the new appointment.

Elsa was a little surprised.

It hasn’t been long since she accepted the job of Chief Executive Officer, and now getting transferred to sales. Why?

Doris explained to her: “I think you are very capable, and you are too talented to do administrative work in the company, and I looked at your resume. Your university studies are business management and marketing, and sales are the best. Suitable for your position, and sales are more important to the company. If you do this job well, you will have a better future!”

Doris didn’t talk nonsense.

Sales positions are much more important than the administration.

Sales is the department where the company really pays.

The administration is a steward of the company, who is in charge of trivial matters.

Elsa didn’t think too much, but instead felt that if she could do a good job in sales and bring actual profits to the company, then the chairman of the board should pay more attention to her in the future!

So, this is a good thing for her!

Out of Doris’s office happily, the first thing Elsa did was to call her good girlfriend Claire.

As soon as the phone connected, she said excitedly: “Claire, I have been transferred to the sales director!”

“Really?” Claire got excited all of a sudden, and said: “This is really great! You are a sales talent, and you are too talented to be an administrative officer! Now you have more room to play and can make great achievements!”

“Hehe!” Elsa was also very happy, blurting out: “Why don’t we have dinner together to celebrate? You call Charlie as well.”

Claire said with some embarrassment: “We are both getting home now. To be honest, I am really tired today. Can I get a rain check?”

Elsa knows that Claire has been working hard recently, so she hurriedly said, “Hmm! You have been working too hard lately. You work overtime frequently for meetings, so go back and have a good rest. Let’s get together after you finish!”

“Okay.” Claire said, “When I finish my work for a while, let’s hang out together!”

Elsa smiled and said, “That’s a deal!”

Hanging up the phone, Elsa felt a little lost.

She doesn’t have any real friends in Aurous Hill, the only good friend is Claire.

Now she moved to the position of sales director, the stage was bigger, it was a good opportunity to prove herself, but she couldn’t find a person to celebrate it with.

Just as she sighed and sighed, the phone rang suddenly.

It turned out to be Harold who called!