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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1139 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1139 Start

Regnar clutched his blushed face, ashamed.

At this time, he finally understood where he was wrong.

His own strategy was correct, he must unite everything and treat his enemy’s enemies as allies.

Whether it is the Wei family father and son in Changbai Mountain, the Willson family, or other people, they are all objects that they can unite.

But the fault lies in his own fault, he should not rush it, and he should not mess up with military spirit.

The enemy is there, and he won’t be gone because you are a step late;

Allies are there too, and he will not die because he is a step late;

Why should he be so anxious? Sending people to Changbai Mountain twice failed twice, and more than 20 lives were lost there, all in vain.

If he stayed calm, wait till now and wait till Dad woke up.

Then father would send the Eight Heavenly Kings, and he would surely win with one blow.

Thinking of this, he was ashamed and said to Mr. Wu: “Dad, I was wrong…Your criticism is right! I will definitely correct it in the future!”

Elder Wu snorted coldly: “You have missed the best opportunity. Now you have personally done a very simple thing that has become very difficult.”

Speaking of Mr. Wu, he said again: “The first time is the easiest to attack the unprepared. If you are well prepared at that time, don’t underestimate the enemy. You can also win at once and achieve your goal.”

“However, because of your underestimation of the enemy, not only did you lose a few manpower, you also made the other party more vigilant against you, thus increasing the difficulty of this matter.”

“Now, because of your second time underestimating the enemy and adventurously. Your opponent will definitely be more fully prepared. In this way, the Eight Heavenly Kings may not be able to win absolutely!”

Regnar hurriedly said, “Daddy, don’t worry. With the strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings, as long as they take action, the other party will definitely be unable to resist.”

Elder Wu said coldly: “Who gave you this confidence? You made the mistake I mentioned just now. Don’t underestimate the enemy so much.”

As soon as the voice fell, Mr. Wu said again: “The strength of the Eight Heavenly Kings, although they seem to be very strong. But in the real world of warriors, they are not the strongest, and they are not even ranked in the middle.”

Regnar’s expression froze: “Dad, how is this possible? The Eight Heavenly Kings are so powerful. In my impression, they have never met an opponent. How could it be possible that they are not in the middle?”

Elder Wu said coldly: “You are not much better than the frog at the bottom of the well. The real top warriors are all under the hands of the few super big families in China. Their strength is so powerful that you can’t believe them. In front of the real top masters, the eight kings When you get up, you may not be able to resist the other party’s eight moves.”

Regnar hurriedly said: “Dad, the kid in Aurous Hill is just a feng shui sling. He fooled the local area. A few capable people and a dog on the road followed him, so he dared to get rid of us everywhere. , So I think he will definitely not be able to find the kind of super master you mentioned, so if the Eight Heavenly Kings come forward, the problem will definitely be solved.”

Elder Wu asked him, “Is everything clear? If there are any details that you haven’t noticed, it is very likely that the Eight Heavenly Kings will be in danger. The Eight Heavenly Kings are our family’s trump card. We must not let them unless it is a last resort adventure.

Regnar said firmly: “Don’t worry, there will be no problem if the Eight Heavenly Kings take action.”