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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1136 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1136 Start

The Wu family lost fifteen people, Mr. Orvel and Liang’s people, combined, lost four people!

Fortunately, Charlie reminded Orvel and Liang a few days ago and asked them to strengthen their defenses, so both sides sent more troops to Changbai Mountain. Otherwise, today is really not the opponent of these dozen people.

The Wei family father and son, who had been frightened, were caught from the snow.

It was the younger brother of Orvel who arrested them, and the person in charge of Changbai Mountain, Debian.

Debian had a dark face, looking at the frightened father and son, coldly said: “Do you really think you can escape?”

Youngzheng cried and said, “Brother Debian, we didn’t want to escape. It was these people who couldn’t help but say that we are going to leave.”

Debian yelled coldly: “You f*cking pretend to be garlic with me, I know what you think, I tell you, as long as Debian is alive, you and your son don’t want to leave Changbai Mountain!”

Youngzheng hurriedly nodded and said respectfully: “Brother Debian, we really did not want to leave Changbai Mountain. During this time, we have a strong relationship with Changbai Mountain, and I am ready to stay here for retirement.”

Barena on the side also nodded hurriedly: “Yes, Brother Debian, my dad is right, we both have fallen in love with this land.”

Debian rushed up, punched and kicked at the father and son, and yelled: “dmn, just because of you two dogs, I lost four brothers and even fcked with me here. Believe me or not. Just interrupt your legs and let you climb into the mountain to collect ginseng?!”

The father and son were beaten violently, and they were almost dying before being carried back and thrown into the cold dilapidated house.


Here, Regnar is still waiting for news of Changbai Mountain’s victory.

He has already smoked most of the cigar in his hand, and he keeps thinking about the time. Before the cigar is finished, the matter should be solved perfectly.

The Eight Heavenly Kings do not listen to his orders?

It doesn’t matter, I can let others go.

I can’t find the Eight Heavenly Kings, I can let another sixteen people be on board. Isn’t it possible to do nothing without them?

I was thinking that the phone rang suddenly.

Regnar hurriedly connected the phone, and blurted out, “How’s it going? Have you rescued the father and son?”

A crying voice came from the other side: “Mr. Regnar, we were in an ambush. Everyone died. Only I ran out alive!”

“What?!” Regnar snorted inwardly, and asked sternly: “What’s the matter? You went in as sixteen people, but you couldn’t get back two wastes?”

The man cried and said, “The other party has no fewer people than us, and they seem to have known that we are coming and have been in ambush here. We picked them up and the father and son were about to drive back, and then they were hit by the ambush……”

As he said, the person said again: “Mr. Regnar, Changbai Mountain is a ghost place with sparsely populated land, and there may not be a visitor from outside the mountain in 10 days and 8 days in this place, so people like us have too many goals.Before we approached their village, they had already begun to guard. This kind of thing really has to be done by super masters like the Eight Heavenly Kings. Otherwise, I’m afraid not enough people will be able to see it. Because I don’t even know how many people they have here!”

“Oh sh!t!”

Regnar instantly threw the cigar in his hand to the ground, sparks splashing everywhere.

16 people were gone, 15 died, all of them were pensions for these people, which cost at least tens of millions, which was all lost money.

Knowing this, it’s better to bear first.

At this moment, his brother Dawson suddenly rushed in and said excitedly: “Brother, Dad is awake!”

Regnar was happy and uncomfortable when he heard this.

The good news is that dad finally woke up. What’s uncomfortable is that he knew his dad could wake up now. Why did he send 15 people to die?

He woke up, and he told him now that the Eight Heavenly Kings might be able to set off on Changbai Mountain tomorrow.

Thinking of this, he sighed, then got up and said: “Come, come see Dad!”