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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1135 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1135 Start

The last time someone came to rescue the Wei family, they had been dealt with before they could get close to the old house.

So the Wei family father and son didn’t know either.

At this moment, Regnar Wu’s family actually wanted to rescue them back.

The two were so excited that they immediately followed each other by car back to Aurous Hill.

When going to the entrance of the village, Youngzheng couldn’t help asking the man in black next to him: “Big brother, we don’t have any friendship with the Wu family of Regnar, why should the Wu family save us?”

The person said coldly: “Our manager Wu has a common enemy with you.”

“Common enemy?” Youngzheng exclaimed and asked, “Who is it?”

The man gritted his teeth and uttered two words: “Charlie!”

Youngzheng and Barena were shocked.

It turns out that the [email protected] Charlie provokes the Regnar Wu family!

That is the first family in Aurous Hill!

Provoked them, it seems that Charlie is not far from death!

But they must also be thankful that Charlie provokes the Wu family, so the Wu family rescued them and their son from Changbai Mountain, a place where birds don’t sh!t.

The thought of the father and son was extremely excited.

A group of people came to the entrance of the village. Several off-road vehicles had been parked here, and the vehicles had not stalled, and they were waiting to evacuate quickly.

When the crowd was about to get into the car, they suddenly heard a bang from the snow.

Immediately afterwards, a man in black beside the Wei family father and son fell to the ground with a shot.

Afterwards, the gunshots broke out!

The people sent by the Wu family immediately began to draw out their pistols to fight fiercely with the opponent.

Gunshots and howls were everywhere for a while!

Because this place is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain and is far away from the city, the night here is almost dark.

When the gunshots are loud, there are flames all over, which looks particularly frightening!

When has this peaceful village experienced such a big battle?

The villagers under the gunfire did not dare to go out of home, and the dogs in the village were also barking.

As for the Shura field at the head of the village, people were shot and falling to the ground constantly!

The people of Regnar shouted: “Quickly evacuate, everyone, quickly get in the car, we are in an ambush!”

As soon as the voice fell, the bullets in the dark vented towards the number of off-road vehicles!

As the gun battle continued, both sides suffered injuries.

But the Wu family members are at a disadvantage, because they are in the light and the other side is in the dark.

The Wei family and his son were lying in the snow. Seeing more and more Wu family members falling around, the two of them were flustered.

Judging from this posture, this group will not last long.

A few minutes later, almost all the people sent by the Wu family were killed. Only one driver ran away in a panic while driving a car. The others stayed at the foot of Changbai Mountain.