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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1134 Free Novel

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Youngzheng could only nod his head, and couldn’t help sighing, “It would be great if I could make two kilograms of wine. Take ginseng soaked in wine and take a cold drink when entering the mountain. That must be very beautiful!”

Barena said: “Widow Li seems to know how to make wine. I have a chance to chat with her another day. Maybe she has hidden wine in her house.”

The father and son walked while chatting in the cold wind. After more than half an hour, they arrived at the entrance of the village.

The two did not immediately return to their dilapidated house, but went to Li Liehu’s house in the village in the dark.

Although the foothills of Changbai Mountain are poor, there is nothing lacking for everyone to rely on the mountains and eat in the mountains.

In the past, people in the whole village often went to the mountains to hunt.

But now that most of the young people are going outside and there are not many hunting.

Li Liehu is the only professional hunter in the entire village.

If anyone in the village wants to eat game, they will take money or other things, but they will rarely exchange their prey for some meat.

Barena has been greedy for his game for a long time, because he is clinking poorly every day, and it is not easy to eat. There is no extra thing to exchange for meat.

Today is too greedy, and Li Liehu just hunted a roe deer yesterday, so he moved his mind and said that he had to get some meat and go back to taste it.

Coming to the outside wall of Li Liehu’s house, Barena grabbed the wall and took a look inside. Sure enough, there were pieces of roe deer meat hanging in the yard.

So he whispered to his father Youngzheng: “You get down and let me step on your shoulder.”

Youngzheng was really greedy, and quickly squatted down the corner, let Barena step on it, and stepped into the yard.

Barena quickly succeeded, stole a roe deer leg, hung it around his waist and crawled out.

As soon as he climbed out, he said to his father excitedly: “This leg is less than ten kilograms, which is enough for us to eat for a week.”

“Good, good!” Youngzheng clapped his hands in excitement.

I haven’t eaten meat for a few days, this time there is so many, it is really to have a good time.

The father and son were excited and were about to go back.

Suddenly a dozen masked men in black rushed out from the dark.

What’s more frightening is that these dozen people are all holding weapons, seven or eight have knives, and five or six have pistols.

The father and son were shocked, and Barena said with a weeping face: “Brothers, we are nothing more than stealing some meat. We won’t be in such a big battle, right?”

Youngzheng was too frightened, so he quickly said to him: “What are you still doing in a daze? Give the meat back to them quickly.”

Barena hurriedly threw the roe deer legs on the ground, begging for mercy: “Everyone, please raise your hands high.”

These dozen people surrounded the father and son, and one of them blurted out: “Are you Youngzheng and Barena?”

Youngzheng nodded blankly and asked, “What do you guys do?”

The man said coldly: “We were sent by the Regnar Wu family to rescue your father and son and leave. The car is already waiting at the entrance of the village. Let us go now, and we will take you back to Aurous Hill!”

When the father and son heard this, they were stunned, and then they burst into tears.

The two looked at each other and cried together.

They never thought that they would have the day to make it out!

So the father and son knelt on the ground, crying: “Thank you brothers, thank you for your great kindness, we father and son, we will never forget it!”