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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1133 Free Novel

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The Wei family, father and son, were dreaming of turning over. Suddenly, a violent cold wind came from the bottom of Changbai Mountain, making them tremble.

Youngzheng sighed: “d*mn, the wind in this ghost place is so fierce. A gust of wind made my whole body cold. Let’s go quickly.”

“Okay!” Barena also felt cold and bitter, and quickly shrank his neck, got up and patted the snow on his, and stretched out his hand to his father.

It has to be said that the relationship between the father and son during the period when they were dependent on each other in Changbai Mountain has improved a lot than before.

In the past, although Youngzheng preferred this eldest son, in fact, for a selfish person like him, it was difficult to really treat him well.

Therefore, he is actually fair to Barena, better than Liang.

Barena, who has always been a dude, thinks about playing with women every day, and is not very close to his father.

This is mainly because when Barena was young, he often listened to his mother’s indoctrination, that his father, regardless of his family, raised women everywhere.

This made Barena dissatisfied with the Old Master ever since he was a child.

However, when they arrived at Changbai Mountain, the father and son had to work together for survival, which also allowed the two to let go of their prejudices and become increasingly dependent on each other.

Everyone knows that you can’t lose the other party in this environment.

If you lose the other person, the remaining person must have no courage or ability to continue to live.

The father and son walked from the foot of the mountain towards the stray light in the distance.

The place with light is the village where they live, walking past the foot of the mountain, there are three or four miles away.

When the father and son were walking, Barena said, “Dad, a man from the village hunted a roe deer from the mountain yesterday. I heard that the roe deer meat is delicious. Would you like to visit his house later? Two kilograms of roe deer meat will be fine!”

“Follow his meat?” Youngzheng sighed, “The guy is very picky. Last time he hunted a big wild boar weighing more than 500 kilograms. I asked him for a piece of pig intestine and he didn’t give it to me. Let me give him money.”

As he said, Youngzheng cursed: “Do you know what his name is?”

Barena shook his head: “Where do I know his name, I just know his surname is Li.”

Youngzheng spit on the ground, and said contemptuously: “f*ck, an Orion who doesn’t know how to write his name is Wendell Li. I still ask him if he is a writer? Will he write his own name? Guess what he say?”

Barena asked curiously, “What did he say?”

Youngzheng snorted and said, “He said he would write Li Wen, but he couldn’t write any bold words.”

Barena smiled and said, “I have taught him how to write tyrannical characters, and taught him that I will take two kilograms of meat as tuition.”

Youngzheng said: “I also asked him for meat, because he wanted pigskin and he wouldn’t give it to you.”

Barena said: “I think it’s cold now, and it’s dozens of degrees below zero outside. The roe deer he beat has long been killed by him. The meat is hanging in the yard and frozen. After a while, he walked in along the wall and steal. Going back to taste the freshness can be regarded as supplementing nutrition.”

When Youngzheng heard this, he hurriedly said: “Then you hurry up and hide a piece of ginseng dug today in your arms. Don’t give them all. Tomorrow we will use this ginseng to stew the roe deer meat. It must be a great supplement! “

“Okay, look at me!”

After speaking, Barena took out a ginseng and stuffed it into his underwear.

The frozen ginseng went into his underwear, and he yelled out of the ice.

Youngzheng said with a look of disgust, “How can you stuff it somewhere? How the h*ll can I eat it?”

Barena said: “It’s okay, just wash it a few more times. If I don’t tuck it in crotch, I won’t be able to hide it at all. They will search body. You don’t know.”

“Okay!” Youngzheng said helplessly: “Then you must wash it a few more times, it’s best to boil it with boiling water.”

Barena waved his hand: “Oh, dad, you don’t understand. If you blanch ginseng with hot water, the nutrients will be in the water.”