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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1131 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1131 Start

When Regnar saw this video, his whole popular nose was almost crooked.

He did not expect that the Willson family would be observed when they were fighting in the hospital.

What he didn’t expect was that this video was exposed after he announced his investment in the Willson Group.

This shows that someone is deliberately disgusting him, and they want to wait for him to publicly invest in the Willson Group, and then will slap him in the face!

The most hateful thing is the notifications section!

This platform has a grudge against him!

Last time, the cross talk between Liu Guang and his son was spread by this platform.

He went to public relations and it was of no use, because this software has been bought by the Eastcliff family.

Last time, the process by which his d*mn brother-in-law, Nanshan and his beggar gang were annihilated, was also known to everyone which was pushed by this App.

This time, this great farce of the Willson family’s relationship turned out to be the software being pushed.

Isn’t it clear that they are going to face him?

The key has never provoke them, so why do they hold onto him?

The Wu family is very pitiful now. The reputation of the Wu family has been ruined and cannot be ruined anymore. As a result, they still did not let go of the Wu family, let alone themselves…

Sure enough, after this video began to be promoted, people across the country scolded the Wu family.

Because the Wu family had already ruined its reputation for doing things, now it is shameless to invest in the shameless pauper family of the Willson family.

Dawson found his brother Regnar, and said: “Brother, the family you are looking for is really nasty. They have lost the face of our Wu family. If I say, we kick them away. Announce as early as possible, we have nothing to do with them.”

Regnar shook his head gently, and said, “It doesn’t make sense. Now that the boat is done, even if the Wu family announces the withdrawal right now, there can be no improvement. After all, everyone is just looking at the jokes of the Willson family, but Big families like our Wu family are the real targets of ridicule by the people of the whole country.”

As he said, Regnar sighed and said: “You also know that the Beggar Gang has had too much influence on our Wu family. In contrast, the scandal of the Willson family is not even a mosquito bite. If netizens want to scold, let them scold.”

Dawson said angrily: “I think this kind of rag is really meaningless, it’s better to let them get out as soon as possible.”

Regnar asked him: “Even if the Willson family is thrown away, will the reputation of the Wu family be restored? Don’t forget, we still have a lot of people to unite. If at this time, because of such a small matter, we will give up After the Willson family, how can other people dare to cooperate with us? What we have to do now is to stand firmly with the Willson family, even if it is just a look, let people know that our Wu family will not give up My comrades-in-arms, only in this way can everyone unite with us and deal with Charlie together.”

Dawson finally understood his brother’s good intentions and asked: “Big brother, how about the persons we sent to Changbai Mountain last time?”

Regnar said coldly: “They will do it tonight, they will definitely snatch the Wei family father and son back, and at the same time they will kill all people Charlie left behind!”