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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1130 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1130 Start

Not only him, but the entire Willson family was very excited.

Because everyone knows that the Willson family will finally look up this time!

Harold smiled and said to Mrs. Willson: “Grandma, now our Willson family is going to develop, and Wu family will give money and projects again, making it clear that we are going to start praising us!”

While speaking, Harold secretly made plans in his heart.

Once upon a time, Harold was also a well-known rich second generation. He lived every day with rich clothes and food, surrounded by countless people.

But during this time, his life was like h*ll, and everyone who knew him in Aurous Hill knew that he had now become a bereaved dog.

Now it was finally time for his turn over.

Wendy also looked forward to saying, “When our family develops, won’t it be possible to make more money and live more extravagantly than before?!”

For such a long time, Wendy’s life has been extremely miserable. Not only has her reputation been ruined, but her money has also been lost, and her life has been particularly poor.

But now she can resume the extravagant and wasteful life of the past, which makes her extremely excited.

Old Mrs. Willson was even more excited.

She knew that after the money arrived, it would not only solve all the debt crisis of the Willson Group, but also allow the bank to return all the houses and antiques that were sealed up.


The news of the resurgence of the Willson Group’s investment from the Wu family once again caused quite a stir in Aurous Hill.

Originally, based on the size of the Willson-style group, it simply couldn’t attract so much attention.

But this time, it was the Wu family supporting the Willson Group, so the Willson Group received high attention all of a sudden.

Although the Wu family is now deeply condemned by public opinion and suffered heavy losses, it is after all a large family of 100 billion. They support the Willson Group. In the eyes of others, the Willson Group has already become a phoenix. .

So for a time, the Willson Group became a hot company in Aurous Hill. Many people specially came to send gifts to the Old Mrs. Willson, making the Tomson Villa of the Willson family so lively.

In one day, Mrs. Willson received countless guests in the Tomson Villa, and received a large number of congratulatory gifts from the guests. She was so happy from ear to ear.

She knew that this was the benefit of leaning on the tree.

Leaning against the big tree, not only can the big tree let yourself be cool, but there will also be a lot of fruit from the big tree falling down and smashing into your arms.

At this time, the Willson family card was immersed in the joy of receiving a large number of gifts. Harold, Wendy, and Horiyah unwrapped the gifts, and they were almost soft.

Charlie guessed that the Willson family was in the mood, so he asked YouTube to release the video of the Willson family in the hospital and put it on the front of the screen.

And the title of this video is: “The reason behind Regnar Wu Family’s investment in Willson Group is the noble morals of Wu family moved by Willson family!”