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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1129 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1129 Start

That night, the video of the Willson family spread rapidly throughout Aurous Hill.

This video was quickly posted on YouTube, but Charlie instructed YouTube to block the video.

He still doesn’t want this video, it exudes too strong influence, especially does not want this video to spread outside Aurous Hill.

As for the reason, he knew that Regnar would definitely invest a sum of money in the Willson family to support the Willson Group. If the Willson family is now notorious all over the country, it is likely to affect Regnar’s decision.

Charlie didn’t want the Willson family to cool off too early. It would be better if Regnar invested in the Willson family and then broke the Willson family scandal, so that not only the Willson family’s face could be hit, but Regnar’s face could be hit in addition to that.

The Willson family tossed all night, coupled with their infusion of drugs specifically for daffodine, all five people became lethargic, not knowing that their scandal had spread in Aurous Hill.

The next morning.

After the doctor checked Willson’s family, he confirmed that they were not in any serious condition, and then let them go home.

The first thing the Old Mrs. Willson did after she was discharged from the hospital was to call Regnar and ask when he promised to invest in the Willson Group’s 80 million and when it will be honored.

Although Regnar was disgusted enough by this family, he believed that after unanimously outside, the family could explode more powerful energy in the direction of disgusting people, and then disgusted Charlie well, so he immediately benefited from his assistant. , Directly inject 80 million into the Willson Group.

Thinking of this, Regnar said again: “Well, I promised to support your Willson family before. It just so happens that the real estate project I invested in Aurous Hill is about to start. I will soon participate in the bidding of urban land. After the bidding is over, a large-scale project is needed. The decoration company, let this project be done by yours.”

When the Old Mrs. Willson heard this, her excited face flushed, and she hurriedly said, “Mr. Regnar, please rest assured that the Willson family was originally in the construction industry, and it is absolutely no problem to leave the decoration to us.”

Regnar said coldly, “The reason for investing in you and giving you projects is to let you unite and deal with Charlie unanimously, so you must not give me any more moths, otherwise, I will not only withdraw your investment, you will also be suspended, and you will be kicked out of Tomson. I, Regnar, can hold you up and step on you. Do you understand?”

Mrs. Willson was so excited that she nodded her head like garlic and said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Regnar, the Willson family will definitely unite in the future! Moreover, the Willson family will be your dog, Mr. Regnar, as long as you say a word, Willson Don’t dare not follow your family up and down!”

Regnar said with satisfaction: “Remember what you told me just now, and be a dog. I will not treat you badly.”


After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Willson immediately informed Noah and others about these two things.

When Horiyah heard that Regnar made them unite, she felt even more proud.

She knew that this was her own death-free gold medal, as long as Regnar’s words were there, Noah would never dare to divorce her.

Looking at Horiyah’s triumphant expression, Noah felt even more uncomfortable.

It is absolutely impossible for him to swallow this breath, but to let him really give up Horiyah will offend the Wu family.

Give him ten thousand courage, he wouldn’t dare to do that!

Old Mrs. Willson also saw that her eldest son was upset, so she again urged: “Noah, you have heard what Mr. Regnar said. If you ruin the Willson family and the Willson group, don’t blame me.”

Thinking of this, Noah said humiliatingly: “I know Mom.”

However, although Noah was a little depressed about Horiyah’s affairs, the Wu family’s willingness to invest in the Willson family to allow the Willson-style group to be established again, and even willing to hand over the decoration of the new project to the Willson family, still made him feel inexplicably excited.