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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1128 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1128 Start

Through Noah’s swearing words, everyone heard the root cause of their big fight in the hospital!

It turned out that Horiyah was pregnant!

And the child she was pregnant with was not from Noah!

When Elaine saw this, she burst into laughter: “Hahahahaha, they really wanted to laugh at me. It turns out that Horiyah was pregnant with someone else’s child outside, hahahaha!”

Jacob couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This woman is too shameless. She went out with other men. She still has the face to come back when she is pregnant with other people’s children?”

Elaine laughed and said, “Mrs. Willson is mad now. Didn’t she always think that the eldest daughter-in-law is particularly good? This time is so good, I really have to give her a face!”

Claire said embarrassingly: “This matter is so violent, then it is estimated that the uncle is going to divorce aunt, right?”

“Is Noah still waiting for her to have a baby?” Jacob is also a man. Although he is very uncomfortable with his brother, he can also experience his despair.

So in his opinion, a woman like Horiyah who is not obedient to women’s way must divorce her and drive her out of the house.

Charlie couldn’t help but slander. Presumably, Horiyah was pregnant in the black coal kiln. He didn’t expect that this Lady was playing very well, and there would be an affair in the black coal kiln.

But it does not rule out the possibility of being forced.

At this time, Elaine’s friend sent another voice: “Sister Elaine, is this video irritating?”

Elaine laughed and said: “The excitement is really too much, it makes me feel refreshed!”

Her friend laughed and said, “I just received another video, which is more exciting!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Send me, send me!”

Immediately afterwards, a video was posted on her WeChat.

When she clicked on this video, she found that Mrs. Willson was trying to persuade Noah to make peace with Horiyah!

When she saw this, Elaine was stunned.

She couldn’t understand in any case, how could a face-saving person like Lady Willson allow Horiyah to stay in Willson’s house with other people’s children? !

And the following content is even more shocking!

That’s how the Lady Willson persuaded them.

She said that although Horiyah put a green hat on Noah, Noah gave his daughter to an older man who was older than him for five million!

This is simply subverting the perception of normal people!

Not only did they subvert the understanding of the relationship between Noah and Horiyah, but also broke out a bigger melon by the way.

It turns out that not only was the mother stealing people outside, but the father also sold his daughter to other bad old men…

Netizens were shocked and criticized on the Internet. They said: “This family is simply the most subversive family they have ever seen. There is no good person in the whole family. They are all shameless people, and they are extremely shameless! People getting together really complied with the old saying, it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a family!”

The Willson family, who had just experienced poisoning and a big uproar, did not know that they are now famous throughout Aurous Hill!