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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1126 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1126 Start

As she said, she looked at Noah and said coldly: “Noah, you think Horiyah puts a green hat on you, you are upset, but have you ever thought that you two personally lent Wendy for five million? In the arms of Fredmen?”

When these words came out, everyone bowed their heads.

Wendy’s face was ashamed and unbearable, but she didn’t dare to refute anything.

Noah’s face flushed even more.

Yes, the Lady Willson is right.

When she was cuckold, she became furious and felt that Horiyah was insulting, but as a father, he once sent his daughter to an Old Master who was one year older than him.

Old Mrs. Willson saw that everyone was afraid to talk, so she said coldly: “Now, everyone’s bu.tt0cks are not clean. Don’t think anyone is dirty. This will unite us, work together, and revitalize the Willson Group. Listen you all. Do you understand?”

Everyone hurriedly said: “I understand!”

After that, the Old Mrs. Willson said to other people: “Also, no one is allowed to mention this matter again in the future, otherwise, drive out of Willson’s family in order to follow your example.”

Noah and others looked solemnly. Everyone knew that Mrs. Willson was not joking, and it was impossible to publicize such scandals.

Horiyah’s matter has come to an end.

Noah’s inner anger has alleviated a lot, and the Lady Willson’s mobilization has indeed worked.

So, a family of five lay back on the hospital bed. Seeing that the farce had ended, the doctor immediately came over and gave them an infusion to neutralize the daffodine in their bodies.

However, Noah suddenly felt that itching in his crotch was unbearable. He put his hand under the bed and scratched it quietly, unexpectedly, the more itching became unbearable.

But he thought it was a sign of poisoning, and didn’t care too much.


At this moment, Tomson Villa.

Charlie’s family just finished eating.

Two middle-aged men in suits knocked on the door and said respectfully to Charlie: “Hello sir, we are from Tomson Property Management Company. Just now, a group food poisoning incident occurred in our community a04. A family of 5. Everyone has been taken away by ambulances, so our property here specially reminds owners to pay attention to food hygiene and safety. Please pay more attention.”

Before Charlie spoke, his mother-in-law Elaine approached curiously: “The five members of the a04 family were all pulled away by the ambulance? What happened to them?”

One of the men in a suit said respectfully, “Ms. Hello, the owner of a04 has a family of five. All of them have been poisoned by food and have been taken to the hospital. Do you eat any wild astupidls or wild mushrooms in your home? ?”

Elaine smiled and said: “Oh, our family doesn’t eat that kind of food. Unlike the poor a04, the poor went to other people’s homes to steal food!”

The person from the property company smiled awkwardly and said: “We also inform you to pay more attention. Since you have this awareness of prevention, it would be best!”

After the people from the two properties left, Elaine said with a smile: “Oh, it’s really evil and retribution. I said that the Willson family didn’t live in Tomson’s life! Sure enough, something went wrong, haha, really good !”

Claire asked curiously: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

Elaine smiled and said, “Your grandma and her family were poisoned by food and were taken away by an ambulance. Haha, they deserve it!”

“Food poisoning?” Claire asked in surprise: “How could food poisoning happen? Didn’t they steal our food? We are fine.”

Jacob also said in surprise, “Maybe they are eating stale meat?”

Charlie said lightly: “I guess they should have eaten the daffodils I planted.”