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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1125 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1125 Start

Noah had the desire to die at this moment.

He never expected that Regnar would stand up for Horiyah.

This made him very uncomfortable.

Noah also lived proudly for half his life, and had never tried to feel like being cuckolded. As a result, he didn’t expect that not only was the green hat worn, but the wife even came back pregnant with wild plants.

More importantly, he couldn’t even divorce her.

Isn’t this trying to stick the green hat on head?

At this moment, he hated Horiyah crazy, but when he thought of Regnar’s words, he immediately persuaded himself again.

He also knew that he couldn’t disobey Regnar’s meaning, otherwise, not only would he be unlucky, but the entire Willson family would be unlucky.

The only life-saving straw for the current Willson family is that if they offend Regnar, everyone will instantly fall from living in the Tomson villa to the street, without food and clothing.

In order to survive, for the Tomson first-class, for the Willson Group, he can only bear the pain of wearing this green hat.

Moreover, he will continue to live with Horiyah, this feeling makes him collapse.

But in order to survive, he can only compromise.

So he gritted his teeth and said to Horiyah: “I don’t need to divorce you, but the child in your stomach must be killed!”

The Old Mrs. Willson nodded, and said coldly: “Yes, our Willson family doesn’t keep any evil seeds, you have to abort.”

Horiyah was already satisfied with the concessions made by the Willson family, and she was the one who didn’t want to give birth to a child last.

After all, it was a dirty, ugly, middle-aged old rag that made her pregnant with this child!

Not only did he let her be pregnant with this child, he also infected her with a lot of venereal diseases.

Whenever thinking of this, Horiyah would like to kill that supervisor.

Therefore, Horiyah agreed: “Don’t worry, I have made an appointment to remove the baby on Monday, and I will definitely not give birth to this child.”

Old Mrs. Willson said coldly: “This is the best!”

Horiyah sighed at this time, and said with emotion: “In fact, you should really understand me. I have tasted all the sufferings of the world in the black coal kiln. It is you who supported me to survive, because you are mine. family……”

What Horiyah said was a true love confession, but Noah felt very sick when he listened. He said in a cold voice, “Okay, don’t sell it if you get a bargain. If it wasn’t for Mr. Regnar to protect you, I would have Kicked you out!”

Seeing Noah’s extremely angry look, Horiyah also put away the sigh just now, and said coldly: “Noah, I will give you a chance to live a good life. If you have to ask yourself to be boring, then you will be accompanied by Horiyah. in the end!”

Noah was furious, and was about to scold his mother, the Old Mrs. Willson shouted sharply: “Okay! Stop talking!”

Only then did Noah shut his mouth.

Old Mrs. Willson said coldly: “You all stop one by one. Why are you making a noise here? Mr. Regnar has already spoken, and you are still quarreling. Are you happy to destroy the Willson family?!”

For Mrs. Willson, if anything affects her staying at the Tomson villa, and her revival of the Willson Group, no matter how important things are, she must stand aside.

Noah and Horiyah both had embarrassed expressions, but Horiyah had a slightly more successful expression.

She knew that the Lady Willson had compromised.

Old Mrs. Willson said with a black face: “Okay, my family has experienced everything, and many things are naturally open to them.”