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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1123 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1123 Start

At this moment, Regnar thought to himself that he would let this family get out of the Tomson first-grade, and let it go by itself.

But thinking about it carefully, he was very unwilling.

He opened his mouth and said to everyone: “I know what you think in your heart. You all feel that this family is too low and can’t do anything. But if you think about it carefully, I can be sickened today, and maybe I will get sick tomorrow. You all, the problem now is that this family is not doing it in one place. If this family is twisted into a rope, I believe they are still very effective!”

Dawson couldn’t help asking: “Brother, how should we make this family become a rope? Now that Horiyah is pregnant with other men’s children, how could Noah still be willing to twist a rope with her? And that Old Master? Madam, she is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”

Regnar said coldly: “If they can’t twist together, then I will weld them together! I want to see if it is more important for them to save face or survive!”

Aurous Hill People’s Hospital.

After receiving the call, several police officers came to the hospital ward.

Horiyah was already beaten by the Lady Willson and Noah.

Fortunately, everyone was poisoned by food, and they weren’t quite well, so they couldn’t use all their strength when fighting, otherwise Horiyah would be beaten to death.

After the police arrived, they separated the people first, and then asked sternly: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know that the hospital is a public place? How dare you fight here?”

Old Mrs. Willson hurriedly said: “Comrade police, this is our own family affair.”

The police scolded: “Household matters should be solved at home, why do you want to do it here?”

Noah pointed at Horiyah angrily and blurted out: “Comrade police, this woman is stealing a man outside, and she is pregnant with other men’s seeds. What’s even more hateful is that she didn’t tell me, and kept hiding it. If it weren’t for the accidental investigation in the hospital today, I might still be in the dark!”

The police couldn’t help frowning, feeling a little more sympathetic to Noah.

However, he still said in business matters: “It is difficult for an upright official to cut off housework. You should settle these matters within the house. If you can say it well, just let it go and live it well. If you say it is not good, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce. , No one will delay anyone, why bother to fight in public? Take a step back and talk about the ugliness of the family, right?”

Noah nodded repeatedly and said, “Comrade police is right.”

After speaking, he looked at Horiyah and said unceremoniously: “Horiyah, you unfaithful woman, I want to divorce you! You must leave! I will leave early tomorrow morning!”

The Old Mrs. Willson also said decisively: “Yes! Divorce! Only a divorce can save the face of our Willson family, let her take that wild species and get out!”

And Harold and Wendy, who had never spoken much, had very complicated eyes.

For them, the facts today are too shocking, and they can’t react at all. Their mother cheated and became pregnant, and their father wanted to divorce her again.

Could it be that this family just broke up like this?

Horiyah was also very broken. She paid so much for this family, and she exchanged for such a result! She is unwilling!

Why did I have suffered so much and suffered so much sin?

Isn’t it just for this home?

And now my husband is going to divorce me!

If not for me, everyone in the Willson family would still be squatting in the detention center.

How could the Willson family live in Tomson Villa without me?