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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1122 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1122 Start

Everyone looked surprised: “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? Why negotiate with them? Isn’t this a Japanese company?”

Regnar said: “I got the news some time ago that the Japanese Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was also pitted by Charlie, and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has always wanted to develop their business to China, but there has been a lack of a good opportunity.”

“If the control of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals is in my hands, then I can cooperate with them, so that they can enter the Chinese market faster.”

“At the same time, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will definitely unite with me to deal with Charlie. Then Charlie will be killed, and Wei’s Pharmaceuticals and Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will cooperate deeply. By then, this line can make more money. You can do more with one stone, why not feel happy about doing it?”

When Dawson and thired brother heard this, they immediately admired him and said: “Brother, your foresight! If this is the case, we not only have a strong ally, but also a very promising revenue channel!”

Regnar smiled and nodded, and said, “You guys, learn more. Only by making progress faster can you better help me.”

Dawson said at this time: “Big Brother, I still don’t understand, why did you want the LOW group from the Willson family to get in? This group of people is really a bunch of rubbish in my eyes. Even if Charlie is disgusting, they are not enough. “

Regnar said with an unpredictable look: “You don’t understand, the Willson family are small people in the market. There are many things that only the people in the market can do the best. The lower the population, the more you can sometimes toss. I don’t know what incredible things they will toss about tomorrow, maybe they will surprise us?”

As he was talking, his assistant rushed in and said, “Mr. Regnar, something happened to the Willson family!”

Regnar frowned: “What’s the situation?”

The assistant said: “Aurous Hill Police Station received an alarm, and the Willson family fought eachother in the hospital.”

Regnar asked, “What’s the matter? They didn’t give me a good disgusting Charlie for Tomson, so why did they go to the hospital to fight?”

The assistant said embarrassingly: “That’s Mr. Regnar. The Lady Willson from the Willson family went to Charlie’s house and stole some leeks. At night, the family of 5 used these leeks to make dumplings, but unexpectedly, those were not leeks at all. It was daffodils, so all five members of the family were food poisoned and were taken to the hospital.”

Having said that, the assistant took a breath and continued: “After the family was sent to the hospital, the doctor checked their blood. It was unexpectedly discovered that Horiyah was pregnant. Moreover, according to her pregnancy, the baby in her belly should have been conceived in black coal mine. Noah and Mrs. Willson felt that Horiyah was insulting to the family, so they started fighting with her.”

Regnar was stunned.

His two younger brothers and some of the juniors who attended the meeting couldn’t help laughing when they heard this.

Regnar also said just now, I don’t know what incredible things these low-end people can do. Unexpectedly, it is ironic enough to let them toss out such an incredible thing right now.

And Regnar’s expression at this time was even uglier than eating sh!t!

He let this group of people to disgust Charlie, but these [email protected] are specifically disgusting themselves, right?