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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1121 Free Novel

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Her husband even asked her jump off the building, Horiyah was immediately furious!

She pointed at Noah angrily, and cursed: “Noah, you are a dog, don’t forget, who has been behind you for so many years to support you, help you, and take care of you. You are now because I betrayed in order to survive. How many times do you want me to die? Are you still a human?”

Noah gritted his teeth and cursed: “Stop the d*mn nonsense! You should be thankful that this is not ancient times, otherwise I must kill you myself! Give me a cuckold, you are so brave!”

The Old Mrs. Willson looked at the painful look of her elder son Noah. She was not angry. She slammed Horiyah on the crutches and cursed: “Noah has never been so angry when he grew up. Blame you b*tch, look at your good deeds!”

Horiyah was stabbed in pain by a crutches, and grinned and said, “Dead Lady, don’t blame me for your mistakes. If it weren’t for me and the Wu family, you would still be squatting in the detention center. How could it be possible for you to live in Tomson? Thank me for having it today!”

Mrs. Willson suddenly said sternly, “You don’t bullsh*t here. Mr. Regnar values ​​our family’s ability. What does it have to do with you shameless woman? Even if you died in a black coal pit, Mr. Regnar would still find us and let us live in Tomson!”

Horiyah cursed: “You are a dead old woman, pick up a bowl to eat, put down your chopsticks and scold your mother, you are talking about someone like you! You don’t even have a sense of gratitude, no wonder the Willson family will fall into this place today. To the point! With you, an old woman in charge, the Willson family can only get worse and worse in the future!”

After that, she looked at Noah again, gritted her teeth and cursed: “And you Noah! Don’t look like you are unlovable. Didn’t the Lady Willson just put you a green hat? Do you think the Lady is willing to survive?”

Noah cursed angrily: “Go to your uncle in order to survive! You should defend your chastity with death!”

Horiyah gritted her teeth and cursed: “fck your mother, I dared to pack a ticket. If you were put in the environment of the black coal kiln at that time, you could fcking sell your a** to survive!”

Hearing Horiyah’s sophistry, Noah exploded all at once, and scolded angrily: “What are you talking about? I sell my a*? I fcking kill you today! God can’t save you!”

The doctor could not stop the family of three, so he immediately took out the phone and dialed 110

When there was a mess in the ward, Regnar was at home, having a meeting with family members.

He opened his mouth to several of his younger brothers: “Now my father is not awake, the Eight Heavenly Kings will not listen to my orders for the time being, but I have sent a large team to Changbai Mountain to grab the Wei family father and son. After the Wei family father and son are taken back, we will have one more helper.”

Dawson asked a little puzzled: “Brother, why are you working so hard to save the Wei family father and son?”

“You don’t understand.” Regnar said with a cold face: “Wei’s Pharmaceuticals is a company with a market value of several billion, and it is also somewhat famous in China. If we rescue the Wei family men, we must help the family retake Wei Pharma. However, I will sign an agreement with them in advance. I will help them regain the Wei’s Pharmaceuticals. They will give me 70% of the Wei’s Pharmaceuticals. I believe they will agree!”

“After all, they will never be reconciled. It is better to dig ginseng in the place where birds do not sh!t and come back to live there!”

Regnar’s third brother, said calmly: “Big brother, even if Wei’s Pharmaceuticals gives us it, it’s only a few billion. Although our family’s market value has fallen a lot now, it’s not enough to see the billions in our eyes. .”

Regnar snorted and said lightly: “You don’t even understand, why should I get shares in Wei’s Pharmaceuticals? It’s because I want to use Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to negotiate with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan.”