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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1120 Free Novel

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Moreover, the Lady Willson is getting older, and her thinking is not only feudal but also outdated. In her opinion, Horiyah, a shameless and unruly b*tch woman, should be killed in order to emulate her!

Seeing Noah and Mrs. Willson beating Horiyah together.

The female doctor was shocked when she saw this scene, she kept shouting next to her: “You guys stop! If you don’t stop, I will call the police!”

Seeing that the two of them remained unmoved and continued to beat Horiyah, the female doctor could only turn her head to look at Wendy and Harold on the side, and blurt out: “You two are in charge, you can’t watch your mother get beaten. ?”

The two of them have been watching with cold eyes, and even a little bit of anger in their eyes.

Under normal circumstances, it is certainly impossible to watch mother get beaten. Even if there is a conflict in the family, the two must come forward to reconcile as children.

But this time the situation is too special.

Their mother stayed outside for so long, and when she came back she was pregnant with someone else’s child. They also felt very embarrassed about this kind of thing.

Today’s children are mostly selfish, and in most cases only care about themselves.

It is often reported on TV that some older parents are pregnant and want to give birth to their children, but they have children of older age, but they do not agree with them alive and dead.

Wendy and Harold are such selfish children. When Horiyah made them feel embarrassed, they didn’t care about Horiyah’s difficulties or what kind of torture she had endured.

They only know that their mother is not obedient to women, and it feels embarrassing for them.

Horiyah was beaten up at this time, and her whole body complained endlessly. She endured the murderous hands of Mrs. Willson and Noah. She looked at the eyes of her sons and daughters without mentioning how painful she was.

Seeing the cold eyes of her children facing her, Horiyah’s heart almost collapsed at this moment.

She didn’t know where the power came from, she suddenly pushed away the two people who had beaten her, and shouted: “You are enough! What if I sleep with someone? Do you think I want it? Isn’t it by force? Am I not hurt? I am a woman, in a place like a black coal kiln, I don’t have enough food, don’t wear warm clothes, sleep enough, and have to do heavy physical work and be beaten. What can one do?”

Speaking of this, Horiyah was extremely emotional, and said hysterically: “If I didn’t agree to the supervisor or sleep with him, I might not survive now. I might have died in that black coal pit. ! But think about it, why did I end up like this? Isn’t it for this family?”

After that, she looked at Noah and angrily rebuked, “Noah, you have no conscience. You set up a bureau for Elaine. Didn’t you want to make more money for family? Didn’t I want to give family a chance to live? Going to the big villa of the first-grade Tomson? The result? I sacrificed so much for this family, but you are still doing this to me. Are you still human? What qualifications do you have to point to me, and have the ability to go to Charlie? !”

Anger, humiliation, panic, all kinds of thoughts rushed to her heart, Horiyah couldn’t help but broke out, shaking the matter out of her head.

She felt that she was the victim, so why should she receive such unfair treatment.


However, the Old Mrs. Willson and Noah did not listen to Horiyah’s explanation at all.

For them, no matter what purpose Horiyah mentioned or what persecution she encountered, the humiliation brought to the Willson family was unforgivable!

When Noah thought of wearing a green hat on his head, and maybe even more than one, his whole person almost collapsed and he fell into a frantic vent of anger.

Old Mrs. Willson felt that Horiyah was thrown into the face of Willson’s family. It was a crime to live. How could it be possible to listen to her explanation.

So, the Old Mrs. Willson roared: “You b*tch are still here yelling at us? Did you know that the most important thing for a woman is chastity!”

Noah also took the conversation, glaring and yelling angrily: “Horiyah, you should have died in that black coal pit! At least you could keep yourself away from such thing! You are pregnant with a wild species, how can you have a face to live? In this world? I think you just jumped down here to die!”