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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1114 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1114 Start

Harold said in pain at this moment: “I don’t know what’s going on, I just feel a pain in my stomach…”

At this point, Harold instantly felt a stronger energy, several times stronger than before, and sprinted crazily downwards room at an extremely fast speed.

Immediately afterwards, he heard a puff, and a stronger stench instantly spread throughout the living room.

Noah glanced under Harold’s bu.tt0cks and found that brown-black sticky material had leaked out. He exclaimed, “f*cking Harold, why are you pulling your pants!”

“Ah?!” Everyone looked around.

It doesn’t matter at this look!

Sure enough, something disgusting oozes under Harold’s a**.

Old Mrs. Willson scolded angrily: “b*stard stuff, this sofa is imported from Italy!”

Harold was also frightened, and blurted out, “I…I…I don’t know what’s going on, but my stomach hurts so much, it hurts so badly, and then I want to fart, no I know how…”

Wendy asked in surprise: “Brother, did you suck the crushed powder into your nose when you squeezed the laxative?”

“No!” Harold’s expression was extremely ugly.

Old Mrs. Willson was about to scold him, she suddenly covered her belly, oops, and blurted out: “What’s the matter? My stomach hurts to death, oops, oops, no way…”

While the Lady Willson was talking, she stretched out her hand to cover her belly, but she fell to the ground because of a sudden convulsion.

“Mom!” Seeing the Lady Willson fall, Noah hurriedly got up to help her. As a result, she got up fiercely. He felt as if he had been stabbed several times in a row, painful and uncomfortable!

Immediately afterwards, he also felt the surging feeling in his stomach, and then he felt a hot and humid feeling inside his pants!


He pulled his pants too!


What exactly is going on? !

Old Mrs. Willson was lying on the ground at this time, rolling in pain, and muttered: “Oh, oh, it hurts to death, it’s horrible!”

After speaking, the Lady Willson wowed and vomited all the things she had eaten in her stomach.

Immediately afterwards, she also felt that her abdomen was out of control, and suddenly pulled her pants…

Old Mrs. Willson gushed out uncontrollably, crying to her father and mother: “Call the ambulance, call the ambulance…”

Wendy was about to take out her mobile phone, but her stomach pain was unbearable, and she collapsed on the sofa with a cry, unable to move.

Although Horiyah had the latest attack, she soon began to vomit and diarrhea.

The whole living room is almost impossible to stay in, it smells worse than the dry toilet on the side of the road.

Harold’s bottom was filled with excrement. He wanted to struggle to change to a clean place to sit, but he couldn’t use his strength anyway. He had no choice but to grieve his face and twist his uncomfortable eyebrows together. He asked, “Grandma, what didyou add in the dumplings? It seems like it is not clean!”

Old Mrs. Willson said weakly, “Impossible. The leeks are fresh, the meat is fresh, and the eggs are fresh. How could there be a problem?”

Wendy’s lips turned purple, and she trembled and said, “Grandma, I feel like a knife cut in my stomach now, I shouldn’t die here…”

Noah gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll call 120. You must hold on!”