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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1112 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1112 Start

Noah had no choice but to say, “Well, well, what you said is right. Isn’t it okay to listen to you?”

Mrs. Willson gave him a glaring look and said, “Use a little harder hand and chop the meat a little bit!”

“I know…” Noah answered dryly.

In the evening, the meat stuffing was done, the eggs were fried, and a lot of daffodils were washed clean and placed on the chopping board.

Lady Willson came out to make the filling herself. First, she made a leek and egg with eggs and leeks, and then made a leek and pork with meat and leeks.

Everyone in the Willson family has already begun to drool. After all, the family has been relatively turbulent recently. They have not eaten such a life-like home-made dumplings for a long time.

The Lady Willson personally led everyone to make dumplings. To tell the truth, everyone made dumplings, all kinds of stuff, and there is really some New Year atmosphere.

Mrs. Willson, who has always had a bad temper, feels the warmth of family life at this moment.

She finally had a kind side, patiently teaching her grandchildren how to make dumplings better and firmer.

Noah also sighed deep in his heart, and he also liked the happy feeling now.

Especially when the missing wife came back, the two returned to their original harmonious and loving life.

Coupled with the fact that the children are right beside them, and they still live in such a great villa, the Willson Group will be revitalized soon.

Life is perfect at this moment.

If he were to use few words to describe the feeling at this moment, it would be: What can the husband ask for?

He feels that life has reached a high dynasty.

Old Mrs. Willson took everyone to make a lot of dumplings. Horiyah moved the induction cooker in the kitchen to the living room. Everyone just watched TV in the living room while making dumplings and preparing to cook.

Although the TV was a bit smaller, it still looked pretty good. Harold found a comedy movie “Nine Pins Sesame Official” by Stephen Chow, and the family watched it with relish.

Horiyah watched TV and looked at the dumplings in the pot. Soon, the dumplings in the pot floated up, and the fragrance was overflowing for a while, making people appetite when they smell it.

Old Mrs. Willson hurriedly urged: “Horiyah, hurry up and give me a bowl.”

Noah said with a smile: “Hurry up and put all the dumplings out, and then cook the next batch. I’ll get some vinegar and eat dumplings!”

Harold and Wendy also hurriedly surrounded them.

After Horiyah fished out the dumplings, Noah also came with the old vinegar.

Thus, the five members of the Willson family happily ate the dumplings they made.

Noah was the quickest to start, regardless of the fact that the dumplings were still very hot, so he put one into his mouth and muttered vaguely: “Oh my god, this is the delicious stuffing from the dumplings I chopped up!”

Old Mrs. Willson also ate one quickly, and exclaimed, “Oh, these leeks are so tender!”

Horiyah asked while eating, “Where did Charlie get such good leeks? You can’t buy such good leeks at the vegetable market!”

Old Mrs. Willson ate another one, and said with emotion: “Charlie, a little [email protected], is still a little capable. I misunderstood him before. I knew he had this ability to deceive. I would keep him in the Willson Group. Great use.”

Harold hurriedly said: “Grandma, why does the Willson Group want this kind of waste? Rubbish like Charlie makes money by cheating people, it will explode sooner or later. I don’t know how many people will line up to kill him!”

The Old Mrs. Willson hummed, and waved her hand: “Okay, don’t talk about that, hurry up. There are so many dumplings today. Everyone eats at least two bowls!”