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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1111 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1111 Start

Elaine’s entire popularity is about to explode.

She really didn’t expect that she told Charlie in the morning that she must beware of the Lady Willson, but instead of taking it seriously, he bought so many leeks.

It’s all right now, it’s cheaper, this Lady Willson.

Like before, Elaine had already scolded Charlie, but now she didn’t have the courage.

At this time, Claire asked Charlie in the room: “What would you eat tonight?”

Charlie smiled and asked, “Don’t you usually care about these? Why do you care about what to eat today?”

Claire smiled and said, “I want to pick it in the vegetable garden. You said I will pick it up in the vegetable garden for whatever vegetables I want in the evening, how about it? Is that okay?”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Then let’s go together, just like this morning.”

Claire thought that Charlie had taken the first k!ss in the morning, and her pretty face instantly turned red.

She gave Charlie a white look, and said shyly: “You can pick, but you must not take advantage of me anymore!”

Charlie pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Wife, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand, what is taking advantage of and not taking advantage.”

Claire snorted, “Anyway, you keep a distance of more than half a meter from me!”

After speaking, she turned and went downstairs.

Charlie hurriedly followed. .

When the two came to the vegetable garden, Claire saw the leeks on the ground at a glance, and asked in surprise, “Where did the leeks come from? I didn’t seen them in the morning.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I asked a friend to send it.”

Claire smiled and said, “Then we can eat fried shrimps with leeks at night, can we?”

Charlie hurriedly said: “The leek hasn’t grown well yet, so we can’t eat it yet.”

“Huh?” Claire asked in surprise, “I think they look good, why can’t we eat?”

Charlie said: “You don’t understand, this leek looks good now, but you can wait a while before you can eat it.”

Claire nodded and said, “Okay, then, would you like to have a roasted eggplant that night? I want to eat Mushu meat.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “The whole vegetable garden is here to eat except leeks, and everything else is fine.”

The young couple picked some vegetables and went back to the kitchen to cook together. Claire also liked this feeling. It was a good feeling to be busy in the kitchen with Charlie.

The Willson family was even more busy at this time.

Because there are so many people, and Mrs. Willson also cuts more leeks, all five people are busy at this time.

Old Mrs. Willson was busy making noodles, Noah was busy chopping meat, Horiyah was busy scrambled eggs, Harold and Wendy were busy washing leeks.

It’s just that Noah was a little depressed. He was making minced meat while complaining, “Why don’t you just buy minced meat? I have to buy the whole piece of meat and chop the stuffing? My arms are sore now.”

Horiyah blurted out: “Mom said that the stuffing made by the machine is not smelling like the stuffing chopped by hand.”

“Net nonsense.” Noah said with his lips contemptuously: “Aren’t they all the same meat? What’s the difference between a person’s hand-chop?”

At this time, he heard the Lady Willson cursing behind: “You know a bullsh*t! Ask the older people, who doesn’t know, only hand-chopped meat is delicious?”