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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1110 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1110 Start

Horiyah hurriedly asked flatly, “Mom, why do you want eggs and noodles?”

Mrs. Willson said: “To enjoy dumplings with leek and egg stuffing at night!”

Harold said in surprise, “Grandma, make dumplings tonight?”

“Yes!” Mrs. Willson said with a smile, “Do you like leeks and eggs?”

Harold smiled and said, “Oh, I like it so much! I haven’t eaten the dumplings with chives and eggs for a long time. When you say that, I am a little drooling!”

Noah also smiled and said, “Mom, why do you think of eating leek and egg dumplings today? You haven’t cooked dumplings for a long time.”

Mrs. Willson said: “I’m happy today. I have enough dumplings with chives and eggs tonight!”

“Great!” Noah said with emotion: “I haven’t eaten dumplings in some days, so today I’m so greedy!”

Horiyah asked, “Mom, apart from noodles and eggs, don’t you want to buy some leeks?”

Old Mrs. Willson smiled proudly: “Charlie’s house bought a lot of fresh leeks in the afternoon, and I will go out and cut a few of them back later!”

Noah said hurriedly: “Mom, then cut a little bit more. By the way, dumplings with leek and pork will do!”

Wendy said: “You can also bake pies with leek fillings!”

“OK, OK!” Old Mrs. Willson nodded and smiled: “Then I will cut a little bit more!”

After 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Willson went out with a kitchen knife.

She put the kitchen knife in the bamboo basket and ran all the way to the fence of Charlie’s house.

Old Mrs. Willson looked around and saw that there was no one in the yard, she quickly took out the knife, reached into the fence and cut a large handful of leeks.

After cutting this one, she cut two more.

She thought it was almost enough, but when she thought about it carefully, such a good leek is really rare. If she doesn’t cut a little more, she will lose money.

So she cut six in a row, and the cut “leeks” couldn’t fit in the bamboo basket anymore.

Seeing success, Mrs. Willson hurriedly ran back.

At this time, Elaine saw that the sun was about to set, so she turned to the terrace to get some sun.

After all, the doctor explained to her that if she wants her legs to feel better, she should get more sun exposure to synthesize vitamin D.

When she came to the terrace, she happened to see Mrs. Willson stole the vegetables again, and yelled angrily: “You old immortal thing, you just stole so many vegetables from my house in the morning, and you dare to come in the afternoon. You have to be shameless?”

Old Mrs. Willson turned her head and watched her jumping and cursing in the street: “What’s wrong? You are my daughter-in-law, and if mother eats your order, you still haunt her?”

Elaine scolded, “Who the h*ll is your daughter-in-law, you shameless old thing, next time you dare to come to my house to steal food, I will break your leg!”

Old Mrs. Willson snorted, “You don’t know when your broken leg will get better, so dare you yell at me? Believe it or not, I will break your leg next time?”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she became furious!

Her leg was interrupted by Mrs. Willson in the detention center. She always remembered this grudge.

Seeing that Mrs. Willson came to steal food again and scolded herself for breaking her leg, Elaine gritted her teeth and cursed: “You can steal it! Old thing! With such a cheap mouth, you will be killed sooner or later!”

Mrs. Willson coldly snorted: “Tell you Elaine, the life of old mother will last. If you die eight hundred times, old mother will not die! If you don’t believe me, let’s just walk around and see who will die first!”