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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1108 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1108 Start

Horiyah is very guilty, so she is ready to please the Lady Willson and husband. She just sold the coffee machine and has some money in her hand, so she bought some spare ribs and pork belly, ready to come back and make a hearty meal for her family.

When the Old Mrs. Willson heard that Horiyah had also bought vegetables, she suddenly said with dissatisfaction: “Why waste that money to buy vegetables?”

Horiyah asked in surprise: “Mom, we can’t just eat meat and not vegetables. We need vitamin supplements.”

Old Mrs. Willson took her to the kitchen and pointed to the basket of vegetables she had just stolen and said, “Have you seen? These good vegetables are all stolen from Charlie’s house. Charlie’s house has a large vegetable garden. Over the fence it can be picked up by just reaching out, and our family will no longer have to spend money to buy vegetables.”

Horiyah just remembered that when she left in the morning, she saw Charlie’s house was under construction.

She saw it by herself at the time, although she was a little surprised, but she didn’t take it to heart.

She carefully looked at the basket of vegetables from Mrs. Willson, and couldn’t help but sigh, “Mom, don’t tell me, these dishes look very good, even better than the vegetables I bought.”

Mrs. Willson nodded and picked up a green cucumber: “You see, this cucumber is long, big and greener. Look at the little yellow flower in front. It’s not fresh, and it’s very clean. Like it!”

With that said, Mrs. Willson took the cucumber, washed it under the faucet, rubbed it, and then broke it with a slight force. The cucumber made a crisp click and it disconnected neatly.

A strong, refreshing scent came in an instant, and the Old Mrs. Willson couldn’t help but sigh: “How come this cucumber smells so sweet!”

She couldn’t help but put it in her mouth, and took a bite.

The Old Mrs. Willson who took this bite was full of relief.

She chewed the cucumber in her mouth and said vaguely: “This is really the best cucumber I have ever eaten in my life!”

At this time, Noah just walked to the door of the kitchen, he smelled the scent of cucumber, and blurted out: “Oh, it’s such a strong cucumber scent. Give me half of it.”

The Lady Willson handed him half, Noah took a bite and immediately gave Horiyah a thumbs up: “Where did you buy the cucumber, my wife? It’s so delicious!”

Horiyah hurriedly said: “I didn’t buy this. Mom stole it. Oh no, Mom picked it back.”

“Picked back?” Noah looked at the Lady Willson in surprise and asked, “Mom, where did you pick the cucumbers?”

Old Mrs. Willson smiled and said: “Charlie has made a vegetable plot at home. There are all kinds of things, and all of them look great. I just went there and took a basket and picked it up.”

Noah frowned and said, “Charlie doesn’t have a good brain? Why did he plant vegetables in the yard?”

“What about him?” The Old Mrs. Willson said cheerfully, “Anyway, we don’t want to spend money to buy vegetables in the future. Go to Charlie’s house to steal every day, and you can pick the best and freshest vegetables when you go out!”

Noah laughed and said, “Then this is really good! Not only is it healthy, but it also saves money!”

For this lunch, Horiyah used the vegetables that the Lady Willson had stolen from Charlie’s home to make several delicious meals.

It’s also because the vegetables are so good that the whole Willson family is full of praise.

Harold usually dislikes vegetables the most, but today he took the initiative to eat a lot.

Because today’s vegetables are really delicious!

Seeing that the vegetables on the table were all eaten, Mrs. Willson couldn’t help sighing: “I really didn’t expect the vegetables to be so good. Then, in the afternoon, I will go to their house and pick some more back. .”

Harold hurriedly asked, “Grandma, if Charlie found out that we were stealing his food, wouldn’t he come to us?”

Old Mrs. Willson coldly snorted: “Let him trouble me, as long as he dare to move me, I will treat him!”

Noah smiled and said, “Mom, you have a way!”