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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1103 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1103 Start

This morning, Claire felt that she was the happiest woman in the world.

However, at the same time, there was another woman who felt that she was the most unlucky woman in the world.

This woman is Horiyah who is in the People’s Hospital.

At the beginning, she was in the gynecology department. After a long queue, it was finally her turn.

After entering, the doctor will give her a routine check-up, but when seeing the actual situation, even the knowledgeable doctor can’t help but be surprised, and blurt out: “What’s the matter with you? How can it be done? Like this, don’t you pay attention to personal hygiene?”

Although the doctor who checked her was also a female doctor, the doctor’s words still made Horiyah feel embarrassed, and she wanted to dig through a seam.

She could only cover her face and stubbornly said: “Doctor to tell you, the main reason is that he doesn’t like cleanliness…”

The doctor complained: “He doesn’t like cleaning, so you have to ask him to pay attention to personal hygiene! You see it hurts you, this problem is very serious, let me tell you!”

Horiyah asked in a panic: “Doctor, what is going on with me?”

The doctor said with a dark face: “From the routine examination, there are erythema, infection, and erosion. I guess you have more than one problem.”

As he said, the doctor said again: “In this way, I will give you a test form. You can check your blood and secretions and see what the test results say.”

Horiyah was frightened, and hurriedly asked nervously: “Doctor, I won’t get that kind of AIDS?”

The doctor said: “AIDS is not visible to the naked eye, it can only be confirmed by a blood test.”

After all, the doctor urged: “You hurry up and get it early, and we can come up with a solution as soon as it turns out.”

Horiyah had no choice but to get up in a hurry and take the lab test order prescribed by the doctor to pay for the test.

After drawing blood and extracting secretions, Horiyah sat on the bench nervously and waited.

Because she was very scared in her heart, she couldn’t care about the itching of her body at this time, and just wanted to find out as soon as possible what disease she had.

The first thing that came out was the secretion test result, which showed that she had severe erosion and inflammation.

Horiyah was flustered immediately, and immediately went to the doctor with the test sheet.

The doctor was not surprised after reading it, and said lightly: “Inflammation and erosion can be seen with the naked eye, but I didn’t expect it to be severe. You must be treated as soon as possible, otherwise, it is likely to cause major problems.”

The doctor asked, “Is there no blood test result? The most important thing is that!”

Horiyah hurriedly said: “The results of the blood test haven’t come out yet. I’m scared, so I can quickly show you this.”

The doctor nodded and said, “Let’s wait for the blood results. After the results comes out, many problems can be seen more thoroughly.”

Horiyah could only get out of the doctor’s office and waited for her results at the place of blood test.

After 20 minutes, her results came out.

There were four results this time.

After Horiyah got her hands, she started watching the first one.

This first report scared her to death!

Neisseria gonorrhoeae test, positive!

Neisseria gonorrhoeae? Isn’t this gonorrhea…

dmn, that dmn dog overseer, even passed gonorrhea to her? !

Horiyah was terrified at the moment, and opened the second report tremblingly.

The second report says: Treponema pallidum agglutination test, positive!