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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1102 Free Novel

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After that, she looked at Charlie next to her again, her face full of shock and incredible.

“This…I…I’m not dreaming Charlie! How come we have such a vegetable and fruit garden in our house?!”

Charlie looked at her dozingly, and smiled: “Silly wife, of course you are not dreaming. Don’t you like picking? You can come here every day to pick it. I have someone find it. We can find the best in Aurous Hill. I will take care of this vegetable field in the future to ensure that it has abundant fruits for you to pick and taste for 4 seasons a year!”

Claire’s eyes flushed suddenly moved!

She never dreamed that her husband had prepared such a big surprise for her!

When she was young, she hoped to grow some fruits and vegetables in the yard, even if it was just a tomato or a pepper, she would be extremely satisfied.

However, Mrs. Willson never gave her this opportunity.

Unexpectedly, husband would give her such a large and good vegetable garden overnight!

Especially Charlie’s affectionate promise made Claire very moved!

Although Charlie had done a lot for her before, nothing made her feel so moved.

This feeling is like she only expect husband to give her a flower, but she didn’t expect her husband to give the whole flower sea.

As if she had the whole world at once.

Don’t look at these, they are just fruits and vegetables, there are no romantic roses. In Claire’s eyes, these fruits and vegetables are more exciting than the most beautiful roses in the world.

Even at this moment, she felt that she was more excited than she was when she saw Charlie make up the grand wedding in Shangri-La Hanging Garden.

At this time, Charlie by her side had already handed a small exquisite bamboo basket to Claire’s hand, and said with a smile: “Wife, don’t you want to pick? What are you still doing? All the vegetables and fruits in it It’s organically cultivated. You can pick without exposing to any pesticides!”

Claire was very moved in her heart. She looked at Charlie, subconsciously threw herself in his arms, hugged his waist, and said movedly: “My husband, thank you, thank you for all this for me, I feel I am now the happiest person in the world.”

Charlie touched her cheek and said lovingly, “Fool, you are my wife. Thank you for telling me anything. As long as you are happy, I will be happy.”

With that, Charlie looked at Claire who was close in front of him, and suddenly felt an impulse.

As a result, his brain heated up, and he immediately lowered his head and gently k!ssed Claire’s lips.

At this moment, Claire suddenly felt a blank in her mind.

This was Claire’s first k!ss, but it was suddenly taken away by Charlie!

However, she was not angry at all in her heart.

She looked up at the handsome and gentle Charlie, and suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of happiness in her heart.

It turned out to be a happy little woman in her husband’s arms, it feels so good!

Although she felt very happy in her heart, she was still a little bit shy.

So after Charlie’s light k!ss, Claire pushed Charlie away in a panic. She tidied the hair around her ears nervously, and said falteringly: “That, I’m going to pick it. …..”

Charlie hugged her lightly and said, “My wife, I’ll be with you!”

Claire blushed, and put the bamboo basket in his hand again, and said shyly: “Then you follow me, I pick it, you help me carry it!”

“Okay!” Charlie immediately agreed eagerly and took his wife’s hand and moved into the vegetable garden.

On the terrace on the third floor at this time, Elaine looked at the two people in the yard and mumbled: “I was so tired and crookedly spreading dog food early in the morning. Didn’t you know that I have lost my front teeth?”

Thinking of this, she shouted angrily: “Hey, you two pick it quickly, I am still waiting to take pictures of the vegetable garden and post to Moments!”