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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1101 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1101 Start

At 7 o’clock in the morning, Claire slowly woke up. This time she slept more comfortably than before. She hadn’t dreamed or woke up even once throughout the night. She seemed to be in deep sleep throughout the whole process, so she felt full of energy.

Claire was not surprised that she didn’t see Charlie after getting up, because Charlie got up earlier than her every day.

Knowing that Charlie would take her to pick today, Claire was in a particularly good mood and looked forward to it from the bottom of his heart.

After washing, Claire changed into a sports suit before walking downstairs.

She thought Charlie was cooking breakfast, and she could leave for the suburbs after breakfast, but she didn’t expect Charlie to be waiting for her in the living room.

When he saw her coming downstairs, he immediately greeted her and said with a smile: “My wife, come, let’s go picking!”

Claire asked in surprise, “Ah? Where are we going? Haven’t had breakfast yet…”

Charlie smiled and said, “What else do you have for breakfast? you can come back and eat.”

After that, he reached out and grabbed Claire’s hand, took her and walked out the door.

Claire was held by Charlie’s little hand, and felt her heart thumping and thumping. On the one hand, he was a little bit ashamed and a little surprised at the same time. For half a day, if they don’t have something to eat, what should they do if they get hungry there?”

Charlie smiled and said, “You’ll know when you come with me. I’ve arranged everything.”

Claire asked curiously: “Did you arrange a farmhouse there?”

Charlie pulled Claire to the door and said with a smile: “Come on, close your eyes first.”

Claire was even more surprised: “Charlie, let me close my eyes now, isn’t it too early?”

Charlie smiled and said: “What’s it early? It’s not early, you’ll know in a while.”

Claire could only smile helplessly, closed her eyes, and said softly, “Well, for the sake of you taking me to pick, let’s listen to you.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Then you are not allowed to take a peek!”

Claire said earnestly: “Don’t worry, I won’t take a peek! I am also a person who likes surprises!”

“That’s good!”

Charlie took Claire’s white tender and warm little hand, and carefully led her out of the house, all the way to the yard. At this time, in the east of the yard, more than an acre of fruits and vegetables had been planted.

Moreover, the plants of these fruits and vegetables were carefully selected by Solmon White. Not only did the fruits grow well, they did not even have a single insect eye. The fruits were brightly colored and the leaves were extremely green. In addition, some dew condensed in the early morning. It is even more amazing.

Charlie led Claire out and came to the vegetable garden. Then he smiled and said to her: “My wife, you can open your eyes.”

Claire asked in surprise, “Don’t you want to get in the car? Let me open my eyes before getting in the car?”

“Right.” Charlie said with a smile: “If you open your eyes, you will see.”

Claire smiled and said, “Then I just open them!”

After that, she opened her eyes gently.

At the moment when she opened her eyes, the rising sun from the east cast brilliant morning light into her bright eyes, making her a little dazzling for a moment, unable to see clearly.

Immediately afterwards, her vision gradually recovered.

At this time, she was surprised to find that there was an impeccably perfect vegetable and fruit garden before her eyes!

She was surprised!

Immediately afterwards, she immediately covered her mouth with both hands!