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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 110 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 110 Start

Charlie’s father-in-law was also dumbfounded, and he had never encountered such an incredible thing in his life.

Charlie looked at the jade bracelet but didn’t accept it. He just looked at Qin Gang with a faint smile, and said: “Ms. Qin, how do you know that I must have a way to resolve this evil spirit?”

Qin Gang said piously: “If Mr. Wade can’t do it, then no one in this world can do it!”

Charlie smiled indifferently, what Qin Gang said was true, he really had a way to resolve it.

The Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures have recorded this kind of evil spirit, and how to break it is also very clearly written there.

Charlie glanced at the jade bracelet and took it casually.

Look at this jade bracelet crystal bracelet, if it is worn on the wrist of his wife Claire, it must be very beautiful.

As for this Qin Gang.

To be honest, not bad guys.

It doesn’t hurt to discipline the descendants of the family, and the crime does not lead to death.

Since he begged himself so piously, it wouldn’t hurt to help him.

So Charlie said: “Well since you are a humble person, I’ll see about it for your sake.”

After that, he put the bracelet down.

Seeing Charlie accept the bracelet, Qin Gang was overjoyed and quickly bowed to him: “Mr. Wade, the Qin family can barely speak in Aurous Hill City. If you can break the evil spirit, Mr. Charlie, this Qin family will never forget your kindness and go all out when you need us.”

The crowd around was in an uproar, and they were all surprised.

The Qin family is willing to go all out!

Charlie thought for a moment, and said: “If this is the case, then I will help you once, and rest is up to your Qin family’s fate.”

Qin Gang immediately squashed his head and said excitedly, “Mr. Wade, please!”

Charlie asked for a piece of yellow paper talisman and cinnabar from the antique shop next to him. He drew a few strokes on the yellow paper and gave it to Qin Gang.

“Put this talisman on the jade plug and take it home to burn incense daily. After the seventy-ninth day, the evil spirit will be completely removed.”

“During these seven or seventy-nine days, the family should avoid killing and blood, and family members should bathe and burn incense every day. Remember.”

“Sir, I’ll be mindful of that!”

Qin Gang took the rune with both hands respectfully, and was extremely grateful to Charlie, carefully pasting the rune on the jade plug and wrapping it into a yellow paper bag.

As soon as it was wrapped up, Steven suddenly felt light in his body, the irritability of his whole body seemed to disappear, and his whole person became refreshed.

Qin Gang also felt the changes in his body, and his psyche was clearer and more comfortable than before!

He knew that Charlie’s method worked!

This made him suddenly ecstatic!

Fortunately, I found Charlie, otherwise, after today, the Qin family will be in desperation!

Ervin Jones looked beside him in amazement, and when he saw Qin Gang finished, he hurriedly moved up with a shy face and bowed to Charlie with a smile.

“Big brother, can you help me? When do you think I can find a beautiful wife?”

Charlie frowned and shook his head: “If you want to marry a beautiful wife, learned to be a man first.”

Aoxue stood by and let out a chuckle.