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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1098 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1098 Start

Horiyah felt more and more itchy and upset, but she had no other way to deal with this night.

Even if she want to go to the hospital, she doesn’t have money. She has to wait for the coffee machine to be sold tomorrow.

No way, she could only get up and go back to the second floor room with Noah.

As soon as he entered the huge and luxurious master bedroom on the second floor, Noah couldn’t wait, and muttered: “My wife, I want to talk to you tonight…”

Horiyah was shocked when she heard it, and while struggling to get rid of it, she said, “Forget it today, let’s rest you are tired.”

Noah pleaded: “Don’t be like that, wife!”

Horiyah felt extremely uncomfortable at this time, and she blurted out: “If you say no, it won’t work. Today, we two will sleep on a bed alone!”

Although Noah was very depressed, seeing his wife’s emotions was so excited, he couldn’t force it, so he had no choice but to agree.

The two were lying on the bed. Noah was still trying to persuade Horiyah, but Horiyah’s attitude was very determined. In desperation, Noah fell asleep.

But Horiyah, who was lying next to him, could not fall asleep tossing and turning.

The itching of scratching her heart and liver made her feel extremely uncomfortable, and her heart became more flustered, feeling as if she had really gotten the disease.

She was thinking about going to the hospital tomorrow to check it carefully, and at the same time worried that her husband would be infected because of her.


Charlie kept thinking about preparing a vegetable garden for his wife to pick.

Claire was still looking forward to tomorrow’s picking trip until she went to bed.

She thought her husband would take her to a vegetable and fruit base in the suburbs.

But she never dreamed that her husband, Charlie, the mad devil, was already preparing to create a unique vegetable garden for her in the yard tonight!

At 12 o’clock in the evening, Solmon White sent him a WeChat message, saying that he had brought someone over.

And Claire, who was lying beside Charlie, was already asleep, her breath was very even, and she seemed to sleep very securely.

However, in order to ensure that she would not wake up, Charlie quietly gathered a little aura on her fingertips and lightly tapped it on her forehead.

In this way, he can ensure that wife sleeps until tomorrow morning.

After all, he wants to prepare a surprise for her. If she falls asleep, and suddenly hears a movement, wakes up and looks down from the window, then the surprise will be exposed in advance.

After that, Charlie turned over and got out of the bed and went to the courtyard downstairs.

A few minutes later, Solmon White personally brought a few light trucks to the door of the villa.

The truck is full of various vegetables, melons and plants, and each of them is fruitful and growing very gratifying.

When Solmon White saw Charlie, he respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, I’ve got all the best fruit and vegetable plants we can find in Aurous Hill!”

“Any variety or plant on this one is carefully selected in countless large sheds, and the best is selected! The vegetable garden that I will get you, you can’t find the second one in Aurous Hill or even the whole country.!”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said with a smile: “You have worked hard, I will remember this matter.”