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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1097 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1097 Start

Since tonight is the first night of the Willson family staying at Tomson, everyone has a very strong sense of ritual in their hearts.

The Old Mrs. Willson summoned everyone to the living room and sat on the luxurious European-style sofa. The Lady Willson seemed to have found the aura of the Willson family group.

She has a smile on her face, but there is no loss of majesty in this smile.

After looking at everyone, she said unhurriedly: “Today is a staged victory for us. Although the Willson Group has not yet landed ashore, our family is now ashore. Just this point. It’s worth celebrating.”

Everyone nodded their heads, except for Horiyah’s ugly expression, everyone else was excited.

Horiyah had already felt the role of seafood at this time, and the itch made her restless.

Old Mrs. Willson glanced at her, and said with a bit of disgust in her expression: “Horiyah, you are so old, what are you always doing with pupa like a maggot?”

Horiyah’s expression is very ugly.

The Lady Willson is really hurt when she speaks, pupa like a maggot? Is there such a description of a daughter-in-law?

However, she didn’t dare to have any disobedience to the Lady Willson, so she had to apologize and said, “I’m sorry mom, my stomach is a little uncomfortable…”

The Old Mrs. Willson gave her a look and said, “I see you, you have suffered too much in the black coal kiln. When you ate seafood hot pot just now, you ate as much as if you were hungry for three years. How could the stomach stand it?”

Horiyah was even more depressed, but she could only honestly nod her head and said, “Mom, you are right.”

Mrs. Willson was too lazy to talk to her any more and continued: “Since our family has already landed, the next step is to let the Willson Group go ashore. After President Wu puts the money on the company’s account, the Willson Group will resume. normal operation.”

Then, she looked at Noah and said, “Noah, when the group resumes operations, you will become the business manager and will be responsible for negotiating and cooperation.”

Noah nodded: “Okay, Mom, I know, I will give my all!”

Mrs. Willson nodded slightly with satisfaction, and then looked at Harold aside: “Harold, you will be the director of the Willson Group from now on, so you must put your slouchy look away from me. Don’t let people watch the jokes. Especially not let Claire read the jokes, understand?”

Harold hurriedly said: “I know grandma!”

The Old Mrs. Willson looked at Wendy again: “Wendy, you are young and beautiful. When you were with Gerald before, you knew how to play every day, and you have to do things for the group in the future. I think you will be the Willson family group’s public relations manager responsible for market and customer public relations.”

Wendy nodded obediently: “Good grandma, I listen to you.”

“Yeah.” The Old Mrs. Willson said with satisfaction: “You all have to give me the spirit of twelve points. It is not easy for our Willson family to have this opportunity today. We must not miss this great opportunity for development. Do you understand everything? ?”


Everyone responded with impassioned attitudes.

Noah hurriedly said, “Mom, arrange a job for Horiyah?”

Old Mrs. Willson snorted and said, “Horiyah will stay at home to do housework, and there must always be one person at home to manage life.”

After finishing speaking, before Horiyah expressed her position, she stood up and said, “Okay, so be it. I’m going upstairs to sleep, so please rest early.”

Harold and Wendy had long been eager to return to their rooms and had a good time. After all, the decoration style and standard of the house is very high, much better than the room they lived in before.

So after the Lady Willson left, the two got up one after another and went back to their respective rooms.

Noah looked at his wife, and suddenly had the idea of ​​keeping the waves with her again, so he hurriedly said: “Wife, let’s go back to the room and rest.”