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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1095 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1095 Start

When she thought that she might be ill, Horiyah felt that the itchiness became much stronger.

She panicked, and thought to herself, what if she really got sick? She is reuniting with her husband now. If she really get sick, it’s hard to hide it. What if he finds out?

What’s more frightening is that when the two were in Wu’s house yesterday, the sound of the waves still remained. At that time, her husband didn’t prepare any measures. What should she do if she infects him?

In this way, won’t he know that she has been with others in the black coal mine?

Thinking of this, Horiyah decided to go to the hospital for a check up tomorrow morning. If she doesn’t get sick, she would be lucky.

If she really get sick, no matter what, she must quickly find a way to cure it.

But the problem comes again. When goes go to the hospital, she has to register to have to check, have to prescribe medicine, and have to be treated.

She is penniless now, and doesn’t even have the money to go to the hospital for registration.

The Lady Willson has 60,000.

But how can she get a little bit of this money from her?

Horiyah knew very well that the Lady Willson had a lot of opinions about her now.

The reason is that when the Lady Willson asked her husband for money, she and her husband were perfunctory, but Charlie gave away her money, making the Lady Willson very angry.

So in this case, it is definitely impossible to borrow money from the Old Lady.

What can she do?

If you are really sick, you can’t help but treat it.

Thinking of this, she suddenly became worried.

How can I get some money?

She suddenly thought of selling TV and got a little inspiration instantly.

This villa is so big, there are so many furniture and appliances in it, so she can find one or two that are not very noticeable. Can just sell it? So the Lady Willson would not know.

Thinking of this, Horiyah relieved her heart and decided to go back tonight to see if there was anything that could be sold secretly. After selling tomorrow, she would go directly to the hospital for registration.

However, Horiyah didn’t expect that the itchiness would intensify instead of giving any relief.

She sat on the chair and rubbed back and forth for a long time, the more she rubbed it, the more she felt a need for more, but she always felt very uncomfortable for the itching of her boots.

Noah saw that she was always rubbing back and forth there, and couldn’t help asking: “My wife, what’s the matter with you? Are you not feeling well?”

Horiyah panicked and said hurriedly: “It’s okay, there is nothing uncomfortable.”

Noah nodded without further questioning, but after a while, he leaned against her ear and said softly: “Wife, are you guilty of hemorrhoids?”

When Horiyah heard this, she waved her hand subconsciously and said, “No, don’t talk nonsense.”

Noah smiled and said: “We’re old man and wife, I don’t know you yet? Didn’t you often commit crimes before? I will buy a box of ointment on the way home later, and just go back and apply it.”

Horiyah said in a panic: “What are you talking about? Nothing like that.”

The more unnatural Horiyah’s expression is, the more it looks like she wants to cover up.

So, Noah gave a smirk, pointed at the seafood on the table, and said with a smile: “My wife, it doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it, but don’t blame me for not reminding you that the seafood on the table is all fat. If there is inflammation in the body, Or have any ulcers, acne, or hemorrhoids, you must not touch seafood! You have eaten so much just now, so be careful!”

Horiyah was shocked when she heard this, and even the chopsticks in her hand fell to the ground with a bang.

She also knows that seafood is hairy, inflammatory wounds or hemorrhoids are afraid of hairy, but is she afraid of gynecological or venereal diseases?

Thinking of this, Horiyah immediately took out her mobile phone and searched for a line on her mobile phone while others were not paying attention: Can STDs patients eat seafood?

After searching, the results came out to her shock!