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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1093 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1093 Start

Regnar knew that the Willson family had a very poor life, but he didn’t know that the Willson family had a bad life.

He kindly provided them with a place to live in order to put them under Charlie’s eyelids as a thorn.

But what he didn’t expect was that they moved in and the first thing was to sell the household appliances in the villa.

He snorted angrily and cursed: “This family is really a bunch of stinky sh!t, and the mud can’t support the wall!”

The assistant also felt that these people were too low to do things, so he asked, “Mr. Regnar, do you want to chase them out now? If you don’t chase them out, they will be in the villa after a while and eat it all up!”

Regnar sighed. He really didn’t look down on this family, but they have already lived next to Charlie’s house. If he chased them away now, wouldn’t it be a show of weakness to Charlie?

So he waved his hand and said: “Don’t rush for now, take a look.”

The assistant nodded: “Then I will let people continue to monitor them.”

At this moment, the Willson family didn’t know that all their actions were under Regnar’s nose.

After Harold posted this TV on a second-hand website, someone immediately contacted him.

Because the price he sold is really cheap, brand new and only sold for 60,000, which is equivalent to a 40% discount.

After the other party asked some information, he immediately took pictures of his goods on the second-hand website and said he would pick up the goods.

Harold was naturally very happy to report the address to the other party immediately, and drove over to the convenience.

At this time, the Willson family was so hungry that their chests were on their backs, and they waited for the TV to be sold and went out to eat a full meal with the money.

After a while, a middle-aged couple came over. After checking the TV and confirming that there was no problem with the power on, they immediately decided to buy it.

However, because they are visitors, and they are not deceptive figures, the car can only be parked at the door of the villa area.

The couple asked Harold to take the TV to the gate of Tomson Community.

Harold naturally didn’t have any opinion, but this TV was too big, even if he and the middle-aged man couldn’t lift it up, so Noah joined it.

The father and son and the middle-aged man carried the huge TV set and walked outside the villa area.

Horiyah walked behind with the Lady Willson. The Lady Willson was too hungry, so she was a little bit of breathless and needed help from others.

Elaine just saw this scene, she leaned on the side of the road, smiled and asked, “Oh, your family just moved in and just sold TV? I told you not to make a swollen face to fill a fat man without money. Which villa of Tomson can you afford to live in?”

Noah cursed angrily: “You know a sh!t, I think this TV is too small, so change it to a bigger one!”

“Bah!” Elaine snorted contemptuously: “It’s really bragging not to draft, I don’t know the situation of your family? The Willson Group is bankrupt, and your wife donated all the money to Project Hope, and your family can still have it. What kind of money? If you were really rich, you wouldn’t have been poor and run to the streets to find us to take you in.”

When Noah heard Elaine say that his wife had donated money to the Hope Project, he became very angry. He naturally knew what was going on.

So he gritted his teeth and looked at Elaine: “I warn you to consider before you speak, be careful, I will settle the bill with you sooner or later!”

“Come on!” Elaine said disdainfully: “If you are a man with a handle, just ask me now. It just happens that my son-in-law is at home. You two have a good chat?”

Upon hearing this, Noah suddenly softened. He didn’t dare to yell at Charlie, so he gritted his teeth and cursed: “Wait, you will feel better in the future!”

After finishing speaking, he greeted Harold and said, “Harold, move quickly, and send the TV quickly.”

Horiyah glared at Elaine when she was leaving. Although she was full of hatred, she didn’t say a word.