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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1091 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1091 Start

Charlie didn’t really take the Willson family seriously.

After all, these people were nothing more than clowns in his eyes.

And he was sure that this group of people would definitely not come to trouble him.

In addition, Horiyah must hate Elaine for the bones, so he estimated that the future firepower of the Willson family should be on mother-in-law.

This is actually a good thing, the wicked have their own grief.

Then his thoughts were all focused on building a vegetable garden for his wife.

Solmon White was already fully active at this time, and he was going everywhere to vegetable planting bases to buy good vegetables and fruits.

In one afternoon, he had collected many healthy and green organic species.

Charlie wanted his wife to see the vegetable garden below when he got up tomorrow morning, so he asked Solmon White to lead people to bring plants full of vegetables and fruits to the construction late at night.

At this moment, Mrs. Willson was looking at the luxurious kitchen in the villa, unable to do anything.

This villa is good everywhere, no matter the road, home appliances, or furniture, there is not a drop of oil or a grain of rice in the kitchen.

If there is nothing, there is no way to start cooking.

Everyone started from Wu’s house in the morning, and came here by car from Suzhou.

It’s six o’clock in the afternoon, and everyone is hungry when they see the time for dinner.

However, a very embarrassing question posed in front of the five members of the Willson family.

No money to eat.

The four: old lady, Wendy, Noah, and Harold had already clanged poorly before.

After staying in the detention center for so many days, naturally there was no income, so basically there was no money in pockets.

Before Horiyah went to the black coal kiln, she was also rendered penniless by Charlie. When she was rescued from the black coal kiln, she had no long objects except for a coat of soot.

Although Regnar of the Wu family agreed to invest 80 million in the Willson Group.

But the money has not yet arrived.

In other words, now everyone doesn’t even have money to eat dinner.

Harold suggested: “Grandma, why don’t we call Regnar and ask him to send us a millions on WeChat first, so that at least we can have a living allowance for meals!”

Old Mrs. Willson waved her hand and sternly said: “b*stard thing, isn’t this clear to make Regnar look down on us? We are living in a villa worth more than 100 million, and we don’t even have money to eat. You are not embarrassed to open this mouth?”

Harold said angrily, “What should I do? We can’t be hungry!”

“Yeah, mom…” Noah said embarrassingly, “You can say that it’s okay to be hungry for two meals. Who can suffer from being hungry all the time? That company investment is very troublesome, not to mention, the account of Regnar has also been sealed by the bank. Even if Regnar’s money is transferred to the company’s account, he still has to settle with the bank and release the seal after the bank is completed. These three or five days will not come at all. We can’t wait hungry?”

Mrs. Willson asked him: “You don’t have a friend or anything, so should you borrow 10,000 first?”