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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1090 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1090 Start

So, she gritted her teeth and said: “Charlie, if you want me to say that you might as well find an opportunity someday to beat up this family severely, it is best to interrupt all the legs of all 5 of them and let them stay in this villa every day. On a wheelchair.”

Charlie asked back: “If they are arrested, I will definitely go to jail. I don’t care, but if I go to jail and they block the door to beat you, what do you do?”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she was shocked.

She had to admit that Charlie made a lot of sense.

The Willson family itself is crowded and powerful. With Charlie, they probably wouldn’t dare to come and provoke them, but if Charlie is not there, who else can protect them?


That old [email protected] is going to divorce her now, and he is probably eager to be bully her.

Besides, he is a wasteful person, his legs become weak when he sees his mother, and it is a daydream to expect him to help.

So she could only sigh and said, “It seems that I will be neighbors with the Willson family from now on. Your mother is really uncomfortable in heart…”


The Willson family at this time was feeling stunned and shocked in the villa!

Tomson Villa A04 has the same floor plan as a05, and the previous owner took a lot of effort to decorate it, which can be said to be very luxurious.

After Mrs. Willson opened the door and went in, she was stunned.

The decoration style of this house is rather exaggerated, with a lot of use, it looks very luxurious golden decoration, the whole looks like a palace, the a05 where Charlie lives looks much more gorgeous.

This is also because Solmon White knows that Charlie is relatively low-key, so when he renovated the villa, he deliberately used a not-so-assuming decoration style.

On the other hand, A04 is a bit like high-end KTV, with a bit of exaggeration in luxury.

However, the Willson family themselves are flamboyant people, and they adore vanity, and more importantly, the family has no culture, so they prefer this kind of local gold decoration.

After arriving in the living room, the Willson family was completely stunned, and Mrs. Willson was so excited that she burst into tears. Looking at it, she felt like a dream.

The same goes for other people. Actually, none has never seen anything in the world. If they want to see Charlie’s villa, they feel jealous, but unexpectedly, they have the life to live in the same villa, and more importantly, their own villa looks more luxurious than Charlie’s villa!

This makes them extremely excited.

Old Mrs. Willson took the elevator all the way up to the best big bedroom on the third floor. She was extremely satisfied when she saw the furnishings and furniture in the bedroom.

The luxurious and soft Simmons bed, one can feel it at the touch, and it is by no means ordinary.

It is said that a good Simmons mattress costs hundreds of thousands. When the Lady Willson was beautiful, she was not willing to spend the money.

She didn’t expect that she would have a chance to enjoy it this time.

Open the door of the large terrace, and the scenery of the villa area is unobstructed on the terrace.

Because the Tomson Villa adopts a three-story structure and a two-story structure, everyone’s houses are not high. Standing on the third floor, you can see clearly and far away.

What is interesting is that standing on the 3rd floor, you can just see the courtyard of Charlie’s house.

Seeing Elaine carrying a crutches and directing Charlie to pour soil into the small garden in the yard, the Old Mrs. Willson looked at her own yard again, there was nothing bare, she smiled at the corner of her mouth and snorted coldly: “It seems Elaine is going to plant some flowers, and grasses, okay, when you plant them, I will come and steal them for you, just saving me from buying them.”