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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1089 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1089 Start

No one is more afraid of his father and his brother coming back than Liang.

If the Wu family really snatched his dad and his brother back from Changbai Mountain, the first thing they must do is to help them retake Wei’s Pharmaceutical.

Because the Wu family certainly didn’t want to find it back, it was just a pair of pauper father and son. They even hoped that their allies could have stronger power.

According to Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, it is also a pharmaceutical company with a market value of several billion. If it cooperates with the Wu family, there may be more room for development. Therefore, Regnar only needs to get the father and son back and help them regain power. It is equivalent to an ally worth billions, and a diehard ally.

Charlie believed that after Liang knew about this, he would do everything possible to stop Wu’s actions.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if the Wei family father and son really come back, it doesn’t matter to Charlie.

He has 10,000 ways to cool down the Wei family and his son instantly.

If he wants, he can even ask Regnar to meet Marx directly.

But that would be meaningless.

People, if there are really no enemies, what fun is there in life?

Since the Wu family wants to play, then he can play with them.

After all, there is a big family with a scale of 200 billion, and there are really not many opportunities to be sandbags and practice.

Maybe in the future, he will return to Eastcliff and face the Wade family that he doesn’t know well.

If he doesn’t learn something about the rich struggle in advance, it will be really hard to deal with if there is any danger.

Now is a good opportunity to practice the skin test.

Charlie hung up the phone and returned to the place where he was shoveling the soil. Elaine couldn’t wait to come over and asked, “Did you ask? What’s the matter? Why did the stinky lady Horiyah come back?”

Charlie said to Elaine: “I asked on the phone just now, and that friend said that the black coal kiln over there went bankrupt, and it happened to have a new boss. All the workers ran away. Horiyah probably took the opportunity to run out.”

Elaine said dejectedly: “How can you make the shameless woman run out! I’m angry just seeing her!”

Recalling that Horiyah had set herself up, Elaine hated not only Horiyah but also Charlie.

Because Charlie forced Lian to donate all the money, including the money she lost to Lian.

Originally speaking, she had a net worth of about 2 million, so Charlie, this kid, gave her all money at once.

As long as before, Elaine thought of this, and pointed to Charlie’s nose to scold him.

But now, Elaine didn’t dare to pretend to force Charlie, after all, he lives in his villa now, and his daughter is not facing her now, so this kid is no longer afraid of her.

Charlie glanced at her and said lightly: “It is meaningless to ask why she can run out now. Now that people can live in the Tomson First-Class, it proves that they have a backer now, and you are fine, don’t provoke others. , If we are bullied by them again, we may not be able to beat them.”

When Elaine heard this, she couldn’t help but worry.

But if she really lets herself clip her tail in front of their family in the future, she really can’t accept it in her heart.


These people are obviously dying, so why can they survive?

And it’s so good!