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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1088 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1088 Start

Elaine scolded, “I’m kidding, I’m afraid of you? Believe it or not my son-in-law will send you back to the black coal mine after a call?”

Anyway, Jacob and Claire were not here, and Elaine didn’t care about mentioning the black coal kiln.

Horiyah glared at Elaine with a cannibal gaze, and was about to speak. At this time, the Old Mrs. Willson had already opened the door of Villa A04, looked at Elaine who was dumbfounded, waved the key in her hand, and smiled:” Elaine, what did you just say? Aren’t you going to screw off your head and kick it for me? Come on.”

When Elaine saw that the Lady Willson had actually opened the door of A04, she was shocked and speechless.

How is this possible? Isn’t the Willson family already poor and has no place to live? How can you afford a Tomson villa? Could the salted fish stand up?

And this family is going to be neighbors with themselves? This is too bad…

Thinking of this, she immediately looked at Charlie and blurted out, “Charlie, what’s the matter? Didn’t your friend send them all to the black coal mine? Didn’t they say that they will not be allowed out in the future? Why did Horiyah run out?”

Charlie was also a little surprised at this time.

He took out his mobile phone, walked to a place where no one was there, and called Orvel directly: “The person I asked you to send to the black coal mine last time, why did she come back? What happened over there?”

Orvel said in surprise: “Is there anything like this? Mr. Wade, wait a moment, I’ll call to ask!”

After a while, Orvel called: “Mr. Wade, someone bought my friend’s small coal kiln, and the price was three times the market price.”

Charlie suddenly realized.

Ask him: “Wu’s family, right?”

“Yes!” Orvel said, “It’s the Regnar Wu Family! Mr. Wade, is the Wu family targeting you? Do you want me to help you figure out a solution?”

Charlie said indifferently: “No, the Wu family hasn’t officially come forward yet. It’s just a few little guys now, don’t worry about him.”

At this time, Orvel said guiltily: “Mr. Wade blames me for failing to supervise this matter. Please punish me! Today I will arrange for someone to arrest Horiyah!”

“No need.” Charlie said lightly: “Since she has returned, let her stay here.”

After speaking, Charlie asked again: “What is the situation with the Wei family father and son who dug ginseng in Changbai Mountain?”

Orvel hurriedly said: “The two of the Wei family have always been in Changbai Mountain. Someone came to rob them some time ago, but they were beaten away by my people and Liang’s people. In order to strengthen our defense, Liang and I sent some more. The manpower passed, and now there are nearly 20 people over there guarding them in secret.”

“Okay.” Charlie hummed and said, “The Wu’s are probably looking for my enemies everywhere, so must keep them safe for me. Horiyah was found by them or not. You’re investigating it, but the Wei family father and son must not be released!”

Orvel blurted out: “Mr. Wade, please rest assured, I will tell my little brothers and guard against them, and I will never let them be taken away!”

“Okay.” Charlie hummed, and said: “Okay, also tell Liang to send more people, so that his father and his brother will not come back and find him to grab Wei’s medicine.”