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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1084 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1084 Start

Noah frowned and said, “Could it be that Elaine and Charlie are so cheap?”

Horiyah said: “I can trouble them in other places, besides, the Wu family is going to kill them behind the scenes. Enmity can definitely be reported, but that matter should never be mentioned again.”

In fact, Horiyah still has a worry in her heart. If she mentions the black coal kiln, and then brings out the past with the supervisor, how can she gain a foothold in the Willson family?

Noah heard what she said also made sense, nodded lightly and said: “Okay, then everyone will understand and pretend to be confused about this matter.”


The next day, the family of five returned to Aurous Hill in the Wu family’s car.

On the way back, the Wu family did not arrange a private jet to send them. They did not even arrange a Rolls-Royce, but directly sent a Buick gl8.

Mrs. Willson is very dissatisfied with this Buick gl8.

When they came, Rolls-Royce went to the airport, private jet to Suzhou, and then Rolls-Royce to Wu’s villa.

The specs and pomp was really impressive and enjoyable.

Now it’s fine, and they just got a broken car worth two or three hundred thousand, and dismissed the family of five.

The feeling of sitting in this car is very different from that of Rolls Royce.

But because the driver of Wu’s family was driving in the car, she just dared not say anything.

It takes about four or five hours to drive from Suzhou to Aurous Hill, so when they arrived in Aurous Hill, it was past noon.

The driver sent them to the gate of Tomson, gave them several sets of access control cards and keys, and said to them: “Mr. Regnar’s intention is to let you live in today and invest in the affairs of your Willson Group. He will send someone tomorrow to deal with it.”

“Great!” Old Mrs. Willson was very excited, nodded and said, “Thank Mr. Regnar, for helping us. Tell him, we will definitely live up to his expectations!”

The driver nodded and drove away.

The five members of the Willson family swiped the access card and stepped into the Tomson villa area.

When they came to Tomson again, each of them was very embarrassed.

When they came to Tomson the past few times, they were very jealous and hated in their hearts.

Now they also have a Tomson first-class villa.

The most exciting of them is Mrs. Willson, she is looking forward to living in the Tomson Villa, she has been looking forward to it for a long time!

So the Old Mrs. Willson walked in the middle, grandson Harold and granddaughter Wendy supported her on the left and right sides, Noah and Horiyah also held hands with each other, looking affectionate.

Mrs. Willson felt that her current self was like the empress from history back then, walking in such an ultra-luxury villa area, it was really majestic and full of self-confidence.

Excited, she couldn’t help sighing: “It would be great if I could meet the b*tch Elaine! I want to make her feel uncomfortable!”

Wendy smiled and said, “Grandma, don’t forget, her leg was kicked off by you. I guess she is crying on the bed at home right now!”

Everyone laughed.

Harold suddenly pointed to the side of the green belt on the roadside ahead, and a woman with a one-handed crutches blurted out: “dmn, isn’t that the btch Elaine?”