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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1083 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1083 Start

Before it got dark, Noah and Horiyah were already in their guest room, and the sound of the waves still rose.

Noah was really depressed during this period, and was separated from his wife for a long time, so he was extremely impatient.

Horiyah naturally loves her husband very much. She thought that she would never see him again in this life, but she didn’t expect to have a chance to return to his embrace now, so she naturally catered to her husband with joy.

But this was supposed to be a very harmonious scene, but Horiyah’s heart suddenly felt a sense of loss.

The reason why she felt disappointed was because she felt that her husband’s ability seemed to be much worse than that of the dirty supervisor…

This is really depressing.

One is the one she loves, and the other is the one she hate. But if she put aside these and simply talk about that, the two people she love can’t add up to the person she hate.

After all, the other party was from a rough job. Although he was not too young, his physical fitness was really lacking. He was strong and powerful.

Looking at Noah again, he was a little blessed, and he never exercised. After a few days in prison, he is still a little thinner. Otherwise, the big belly in the past would be very empty.

So if really compare him with that supervisor, Noah can do the most with the other’s two successful powers.

This made Horiyah feel that it was a little bit interesting.

It was supposed to be a cloud and rain in Wushan, but now it feels like a spring rain that is as expensive as oil, and the land is wet after the rain.

But she could only sigh in her heart. After all she killed herself, she didn’t want to go back to that dark place, and she didn’t want to wait on the dirty and stinky overseer in that dirty brick house.

In the evening, the servants of Wu’s family invited them to the guest room dining room for dinner.

Neither Regnar nor Dawson came over.

They now regard the Willson family as their subordinates, so it is impossible for them to come and accompany them to dinner.

Halfway through the meal, the butler of the Wu family came over and said to Mrs. Willson: “Our manager Wu asked me to tell you that he has already bought the Tomson villa a04, and you are lucky. , This villa was renovated and prepared to live by himself. The luxurious appliances are fully furnished. Mr. Regnar spent an extra 30 million to buy it, so you can move in tomorrow!”

When the Willson family heard this, the excitement was overwhelming. The Lady Willson couldn’t control her trembling hands, and she threw both chopsticks away.

After thanking the housekeeper a lot of kindness, Mrs. Willson said to her family: “We have all seen Tomson’s A-type villa. There are many rooms, enough for our family to live in. I am older and like it. It’s a bit more spacious, so I want the largest room on the third floor, and you guys pick the rest.”

Noah immediately said, “Then Horiyah and I will have the largest room on the second floor.”

Harold said: “Then I want the second bedroom on the third floor.”

Wendy said: “Then I will be on the second floor.”

“Okay!” Mrs. Willson nodded in satisfaction and sneered: “Don’t their family think we are finished? I really can’t wait to take a look, they know what we look like after we moved next door!”

Noah gritted his teeth and said: “That d*mn Elaine and Charlie, combined to calculate my wife and caused my wife to suffer so much, I must settle accounts with them!”

Horiyah hurriedly said: “Are you crazy? Don’t tell them about this matter.”

“Why? Noah couldn’t help frowning.

Horiyah immediately said: “At the beginning, I set up a set with Lian to try to cheat Elaine, but she failed. Charlie calculated it instead. So if you count it like this, Lian and I broke the law first. This incident has shaken out, and the police intervene, and they must have arrested me instead of arresting them!”

With that, Horiyah thought about how Lian was shot to death last night, and said nervously: “Lian wanted to hit me last night, but was shot to death by the Wu family men. Now her family Still in that black coal pit, if the incident spreads and the police get the Lian family out, they will definitely find me to avenge!”