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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1082 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1082 Start

Regnar didn’t care much about a villa, so it is certainly impossible to give it to the Willson family. After all, he is not such a fool, but letting them live for 10 years is actually not a big problem for him.

So Regnar said indifferently: “10 years is 10 years, but you must concentrate on doing things for me, get Charlie as soon as possible, and I will reward you again.”

The Old Mrs. Willson hurriedly pulled the family and bowed to Regnar, her excitement was beyond words.

The other members of the Willson family were also very excited, and as a result, the family had completely turned over.

Not only was the Willson Group saved, but they were also able to live in Tomson’s Villa, which is equivalent to better than the best time before.

Moreover, Regnar also promised to support the Willson Group. Maybe the Willson Group can make breakthrough progress with his help.

Regnar said at this time: “I will arrange for someone to go to Tomson to check the house situation, and buy Tomson a04 or a06 as soon as possible. Today, you will stay in the guest room for the time being. When I prepare everything, I will send you back to Aurous Hill, and then my investment to the Willson Group will also be directly credited to your company’s account.”

The Willson family was so excited that they quickly thanked and agreed.

Then the family was arranged by the subordinates to the guest room area of ​​Wu’s house.

The Wu’s villa occupies a huge area and is divided into three areas. One area is the area where the Wu family lives by themselves, the other area is dedicated to the subordinates, and the other area is dedicated to the guests. .

The Wu’s Villa was built it by the family after buying a large area. The scale is several times the size of the Tomson Villa. There are more than a dozen guest rooms, and it is easy to arrange them for a family of five.

The servants of Wu’s family took them to the guest room area and gave them 4 rooms.

Old Mrs. Willson, Harold and Wendy each had a room, and Noah and Horiyah lived together naturally.

As soon as they returned to their respective rooms, Noah couldn’t wait to hold Horiyah in his arms, and said anxiously: “My wife, you have been wronged for long this time, and I missed you, wife.”

While talking, he wanted to take off the clothes of the red thread.

Horiyah was also very emotional in her heart. Having not seen her husband for such a long time, she suddenly reunited with him.

Moreover, the two are also in the year of the tiger and wolf.

But Horiyah’s heart is somewhat worried.

She naturally believed that during the period of separation from her husband, her husband would definitely not mess around outside, and he did not have this energy, not to mention that he had been in the detention center for a long time.

But she is not so loyal.

When she was in the black coal kiln, she yielded to the overseer’s lustful power and became his c0ncubine for a long time. She betrayed her husband almost every day.

She was very worried, worried that one day her husband would know all this, and then despise her and even get angry with her.

So she made up her mind deep in her heart that she must take this matter to the coffin and never let anyone know!