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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1081 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1081 Start

Tomson’s A series of villas are worth more than one billion and are the most expensive villas in the entire Aurous Hill city.

For ordinary families, it is impossible to achieve it in a lifetime;

For ordinary wealthy families, working hard in this life may still be a little bit possible;

For the rich family, it takes 10 years of hard work to have the opportunity to live in such a villa.

But for the Wu family, this kind of villa is just a drop in the bucket.

Even if the Wu family is facing major difficulties now, they have a value of hundreds of billions, and they don’t care about a villa of more than one billion.

Moreover, Regnar knew very well that this villa was bought by the Wu family for the Willson family, that is to say, it was not given to the Willson family. In this way, it would be equivalent to the Wu family buying a real estate, maybe two years later. , The Wu family can make money even if this villa appreciates, so why not do it?

So Regnar nodded and said, “Since we are going to work together on major issues, I can still meet this small requirement. Let’s do it, I will arrange my hands to inquire about 04 or 06 households. It does not matter if it is sold or not. I can buy it from the other party at a high price. After buying it, you can live in!”

The five members of the Willson family were suddenly excited!

Especially Noah, the look in the eyes of the Lady Willson was already worshipping.

She used to think that she was too old and might not be useful, but she didn’t expect that she was still hot when complied with the old saying!

As she heard that the Wu family wanted to invest in the Willson family and help the family to regain its strengths, and she would have bowed in excitement and thanked.

But she was different. The Lady Willson calmly analyzed Regnar’s psychology, and as soon as she spoke, she won a villa for the Willson family!

Although they can live in, not sure how long can they live there, but isn’t it just for nothing?

However, Mrs. Willson knew very well in her heart that since she was on the big ship of the Wu family, she must find a way to do more for herself.

The villa can not be given to her temporarily, but at least a certain commitment must be made on the length of residence.

So she looked at Regnar and said with a smile: “Mr. Regnar, you are really too generous, but as the Lady Willson, I have something to ask of you.”

Regnar nodded and said lightly: “Just tell me, what’s the matter.”

Mrs. Willson said: “Mr. Regnar, you see that I am a lot of years old. I guess I won’t live for a few years. This old body can’t stand the toss. If you let me live in Tomson Villa today, it will be a big wave, you kill Charlie’s [email protected], wouldn’t I have to move out tomorrow? After all, it is easy for a big man like you to kill Charlie’s [email protected]

A flattery made Regnar feel happy. He looked at the Lady Willson and asked, “Do you want me to give you a promise for how long you will stay in this villa?”

Mrs. Willson immediately gave a thumbs up, flattering and said: “Sure enough, nothing can escape your glaring eyes, Mr. Orvel, I am not a person who covets prosperity and wealth, but my body cannot withstand the toss and wants to live a little. So can you sign an agreement with us that the Tomson villa will stay with us for at least 10 years. After 10 years, whether the Lady Willson is still alive or not, the Willson family will move out as agreed.”

According to Mrs. Willson, 10 years is already a long time. After all, the property right of a house is only 70 years, and 10 years is equivalent to one-seventh of the consumption.

A villa is worth more than one billion at least, and one seventh is almost 20 million.

And she is already 80 this year, and may not live for another 10 years.