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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 108 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 108 Start

“Too weak!”

Following Charlie’s anger, his body flashed to the side in an instant, and then he lifted his leg and kicked Aoxue’s a**, kicking her whole body out.

Steven’s jaw almost fell off, staring at the scene blankly, and whispered, “How is this possible!”

Aoxue was even more embarrassed. Since practicing martial arts, she has never been humiliated so much, and the place where the opponent kicked is too shameful to think of!

She was full of anger, and when she got up, she was about to rush towards Charlie. She decided in her heart that she must make this [email protected] pay the price today!

“Aoxue, stop quickly! Don’t be rude to Mr. Wade!”

At this moment, suddenly a middle-aged man ran up and grabbed Aoxue.

Aoxue had a pretty face of shame and yelled: “Dad, get out of the way, I want to kill him!”

Can you kick my a**? Don’t you know Lianxiangxiyu? My butt is still aching now!

“Shut up!”

The middle-aged man glared at Aoxue and scolded.

Afterward, he walked towards Charlie with a humble expression on his face, took a deep breath, and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, you have met my ineffective daughter and nephew. I apologize to you. When I return, I will let them think about it.”

Aoxue and Steven froze there, watching this scene in disbelief.

The father is a high-end figure in Aurous City, how could he be so polite to this kid.

Charlie recognized the middle-aged man.

Before, when he went to Appraise with Warnia, he met him. His name is Qin Gang.

So Charlie nodded and said, “Mr. Steven and this lady really should be more disciplined.”

Qin Gang nodded repeatedly, glared at the two, and said: “Come here and apologize to Mr. Wade!”

“I won’t apologize to the [email protected] who kicked my a**!” Aoxue curled her lips with an angry expression on her face.

Qin Gang scolded angrily: “Apologies! Immediately! Now!”

Aoxue was instantly discouraged, biting her teeth in injustice, and whispered: “I’m sorry”

Steven was full of irritation and said, “Uncle, this kid humiliated me at will, and beat my sister. If you don’t clean him, let me apologize? If you can’t clean up, I will find someone. I’ll kill him!”


Qin Gang slapped his face heavily, and said angrily: “b*stard! Kneel down to Mr. Wade!”

Steven was slapped with gold stars in his eyes, and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. He covered his face in horror. He was completely stunned. He didn’t know how things would turn out to be and let him kneel in public

This simply caused the Qin family’s face to be lost. How can they talk about prestige in Aurous Hill City from now on?

Qin Gang gritted his teeth and shouted, “You [email protected], do you know that if Mr. Wade finds out about your jade, not only will you be killed, but the entire Qin family will be killed!”

After that, he scolded angrily: “I thought why the Qin family has been in bad luck recently, and various things have happened one after another. It turns out that you, the [email protected], have caused the evil to descend upon us. If your grandfather knows about it, he’ll feed your legs to dogs!”

Seeing that his uncle was so serious, Steven was frightened, his legs softened, and knelt on the ground.

Qin Gang sternly shouted: “You still didn’t apologize to Mr. Wade!”

“Yes, I’m sorry” Steven was already scared, and apologized to Charlie trembling, his eyes full of horror.

Qin Gang said respectfully to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, I don’t know how to deal with it, are you satisfied?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Forget it since he knelt down, then I won’t care about him.”

Qin Gang felt relieved, and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade, I have something else to ask you, after the jade is lost, can my Qin family’s fortune be restored to normal?”

Charlie sneered and said: “You think it’s pretty beautiful! This jade is so powerful that it’s not just on Steven alone. In my opinion, within a year, your Qin family will probably be ruined! “