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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1079 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 1079 Start

When the Old Mrs. Willson heard this, her heart was ecstatic.

Whether Regnar could kill Charlie, she didn’t really care deep in her heart.

What she really cared about was that she needed her own help in form of Regnar. In this way, she would tie the Willson family to the big boat of the Wu family.

The Willson family was almost dead, but now that it can become a partner of the Wu family, then there is a chance to come back to life.

And not only can it bring the dead back to life, it’s probably even more powerful than when it was at its peak and heyday!

So the Lady Willson opened her mouth and said to Regnar: “Mr. Regnar, my granddaughter is Charlie’s wife, Claire, and now he also runs a decoration company. There is a business conflict with our Willson Group. If we can bring the Willson Group back to life, we can hit each other in business.”

Regnar nodded and said faintly: “Don’t worry, I will invest 80 million in your Willson Group to help you clear all your debts. If you do well, I will continue to invest.”

Old Mrs. Willson was almost ecstatic when she heard this.

This is really nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes.

In other words, it’s another village.

During this period of time, she has always felt that the Willson Group could never come back from the dead, but she didn’t expect Regnar to give her a powerful life.

The only problem with the Willson Group is that it has no money and owes tens of millions of foreign debts. It still doesn’t know how to deal with it.

The bank has been pressuring them to get the loan back, but as long as the money is paid back, nothing will happen.

The Willson Group originally owed 80 million, but Fredmen had already invested 10 million, and the bank also took away the villa, as well as so many antiques of her own. When that time comes, just return the remaining tens of millions to the villa. And antiques, the bank will return it, and there will be tens of millions of surplus on the company’s account at that time, and it will suddenly turn over!

Harold and Wendy were already very excited when they heard this. They looked at the Lady Willson and asked excitedly: “Grandma, can we return to our Willson family villa this time? Should we never use it again? Down the street?”

Wendy also shed tears in excitement: “Do I no longer need to use Dabao sod honey?”

Old Mrs. Willson just wanted to nod, but suddenly she thought of a brilliant idea.

So, the Lady Willson said to Regnar: “Mr. Regnar, Charlie’s family, and our family are like water and fire, and are incompatible with each other. They are anxious to send us to the small coal mine and to the detention center. , But if we go back this time, we will be under their noses every day, and it will definitely cause them great pain. Don’t you want them to catch fire in their backyard? You just need to put us behind them, and we will be behind them all day long. It’s all fire!”

When Regnar heard this, he immediately became interested and raised his eyebrows and asked: “Lady Willson, what do you mean specifically? To be clear, you don’t have to go around with me.”

Mrs. Willson hurriedly said flatteringly, “Mr. Regnar, the Charlie family live in the villa of Aurous Hill Tomson First Class. Don’t you know what they are doing all the time because of this villa? Looks like! Especially my second daughter-in-law, whose nostrils are almost going to the sky, and tell us every day that people like us are not even qualified to see the door, if we suddenly become successful with them. Become neighbors, every day I bow my head without looking up, then think about it, what is the mood of their family?”

Regnar’s eyes suddenly lit up.

f*ck, this is kind of interesting!

Think about it, you just lived in a luxurious villa, enjoying a luxurious and secluded life every day, and then looking at your enemies down and down the streets, you can’t even eat, that must be very enjoyable.

But if one day suddenly, you wake up and find that your down-and-down street enemy has become your neighbor, then your life will surely fall from heaven to h*ll in an instant.